Reason #64,237,938 to Get a Mac: Sony charging extra to remove crapware

“Sony has begun offering Fresh Start, a controversial practice to clean its systems of unnecessary software. Initially available only with the VAIO TZ ultraportable, the option removes both VAIO-specific programs as well as games and other trial software. The practice is meant to ‘free up valuable hard drive space and conserve memory and processing power’ before the system ever leaves the factory, according to Sony,” Electronista repots.

“However, the offer has already received criticism for its $50 cost,” Electronista repots.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, not only do the greedy bastards get paid to install crapware, now they can get paid to remove it, too. Get a Mac.


  1. To be completely fair to Sony and other mfrs of the other PCs, I think the $50 charge is NOT to pay for the removal of the crapware, but it is to make up for the loss of revenue.

    It’s sort of like buying an unlocked iPhone. You pay more for it to be unlocked. In this case the crapware companies pay Sony to be on their laptops. That reduces the price, which Sony passes on to customers. Since that subsidy is gone, when there’s no crapware, the true price of the laptop is now shown.

    A better conclusion is that when someone compares Macs to PCs in price, they have to factor in that PCs are subsidized by $50 for their crapware.

  2. oops. I read the Lenovo specs wrong.

    Your preloaded OS is your choice of:
    Genuine Windows Vista® Ultimate 32
    Genuine Windows Vista® Business 32
    Genuine Windows® XP Professional

    Additional OS options include:
    Genuine Windows Vista® Ultimate
    Genuine Windows Vista® Business
    Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium
    Genuine Windows Vista® Home Basic
    Genuine Windows® XP Home

    I’d like to see someone explain the differences to the old couple from the Mossberg piece. Wait. No I wouldn’t. That would be mean.

  3. Yet another hidden cost of PC ownership. In the past the PC manufacturers collected the money for installing all of that garbage and the user paid for it with hours of uninstalling (or wipe and load Windows) fun. Now Sony offer the option of bribing them not to install the garbage in the first place. That’s a step in the right direction because it reveals yet another piece of the true cost of PC ownership.

  4. Actually Vista computers do come with a recovery disk, and I havn’t had to use any in 4 1/2 years…

    Also, that extra crap takes 10 minutes to uninstall if you know how to use a mouse with more than two buttons…

  5. Ampar, an excellent list, but one that would be broken down as much as the Mac would also include these four dreadful additions:

    Windows Media Player, Windows Messenger, Windows Movie Maker, and the infamous Internet Explorer…

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