Apple ‘Get a Mac’ ad campaign seen taking toll on Microsoft’s reputation

“A new ranking of global brands shows Microsoft’s reputation sinking in recent years. Among the possible factors: Apple’s ‘I’m a Mac’ ads,” Ina Fried reports for CNET.

“Microsoft lands at No. 59 in the rankings for 2007, down from No. 11 in 2004, according to the survey from CoreBrand released Wednesday,” Fried reports.

“‘The effect of Apple’s ‘Hi, I’m a Mac’ advertising campaign may have taken its toll on Microsoft,’ CoreBrand CEO James Gregory said in a statement,” Fried reports.

“Some other tech firms have also seen their brand on the move. Motorola has dropped to No. 94 from No. 83 in 2006, while Toshiba rose 10 notches over the prior year, to No. 71. And as for that Cupertino, Calif.-based troublemaker, I couldn’t find it on the list,” Fried reports.

MacDailyNews Note:
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While Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign certainly has its sting, perhaps an even greater factor is that the world is just finally waking up as they watch Microsoft do what it’s always done: labor to release derivative, junky products that were obviously inspired by Apple?

The chrome-plated turd that is Vista, the brown turd that is Zune, the abandoned “PlaysForSure” partners, the massive Xbox “Red Ring of Death” hardware failures to the tune of $1+ billion, the screwing of 300,00+ Xbox customers with obsolete HD DVD doorstops, the goofy, unprofessional, truth-bending and oft-nauseating CEO Ballmer constantly sticking his big fat foot into his even bigger, fatter mouth… It all adds up.

Microsoft CEO Ballmer talks Zune, laughs at Apple iPhone:

Direct link via YouTube:


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