Computerworld: Apple’s new Mac Pro is an amazing machine, a speed demon

“In front of me, two 30-in. Apple Cinema Displays glow softly at my desk. Beside me sits the fastest stock-configuration Macintosh that Apple Inc. has ever shipped: a superfast eight-core Mac Pro. Inside the Mac — and on full display on those screens — is Mac OS X 10.5, better known as Leopard, Apple’s latest operating system. All around me is the work I’ve been putting off that is now getting done…One thing is certain: This Mac Pro packs a mighty punch in raw bandwidth and horsepower.,” Michael DeAgonia reports for Compuetrworld.

“Inside all of the new Mac Pro machines are Intel Xeon 5400-series processors, code-named Harpertown. My review unit is the eight-core 2.8-GHz model, stacked with 4GB of memory — double the standard configuration. Each quad-core processor sports 12MB of Level 2 cache memory, so this particular Mac Pro has 24MB. The main logic board architecture also received an upgrade — it now sports high-bandwidth, dual independent 1,600-MHz front-side buses, allowing you to use up to 32GB of 800-MHz DDR2 ECC FB-DIMM memory,” DeAgonia reports.

“The graphics card is nothing to sneeze at: an ATI Radeon HD 2600 with 256MB of GDDR3 dedicated video RAM capable of pushing enough power for two 2560-by-1600-pixel, 30-in. Cinema Displays. The $1,799 displays themselves are gorgeous, displaying deep blacks and vibrant hues at a resolution sharp enough to show off Mac OS X Leopard’s amazingly detailed and fluid graphics while rendering even small text clearly,” DeAgonia reports.

“Given the plethora of build-to-order options Apple now offers, there’s a Mac Pro for just about any task. This is an amazing machine that is as fast as it is stable, offering pure brute force and processing power at a competitive price for what you get,” DeAgonia reports.

Full review here.


  1. I know they won’t do it, but give me a Demi-Tower—half the hard drive bays, half the PCI slots, half the memory slots. Especially now that the tower is priced so high, it seems like they could easily squeeze another model in between the iMac and the Power Mac.

    Otherwise, just give me some more options on the video card with the iMac, even if I can’t replace it, let me buy a killer video card up front on the 20 inch model! That would go a long way towards most people’s complaints.

  2. If I were going to buy an 8-core machine I’d get a better graphics card, because that one is crap. Why? Because just about the only reason to get an 8-core machine is for video editing and compression.

    Not that its the only reason but not many tasks would benefit from that many cores, unless you are planning on doing some heavy multi-tasking.

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