Jim Cramer bullish on Apple: ‘AAPL is going to break out by end of year’

Jim Cramer was bullish on Apple during his Mad Money TV program on Thursday, March 13.

During the “Lightning Round” block of the program, Cramer said of Apple (AAPL):

You’ve got to maybe take 10 points of pain, and get 70 points of gain. I think AAPL is going to break out by the end of the year.

More coverage of yesterday’s Mad Money “Lightning Round” here.
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  1. This feels reminiscent of 2003/04, I think it was. Apple had really started to grow and the worry-warts started saying it couldn’t be possible for Apple to continue to hit on all cylinders and surely a strong competitor would emerge to dethrone the iPod, etc…. Then, when it became clear that Apple would continue to grow and kick butt, the stock followed and took off again.

    I also believe the stock will eventually take off. The factors that brought it down are not issue with the company itself. Apple continues to get stronger, and they will continue to have a few important tricks up their sleeves.

    Full steam ahead!

  2. Cramer is a big mouth jack ass who will say anything to sell his books or make you watch his TV show. Whether his statement is true or not, do not make your decision on what he says. If he could really pick stocks, he wouldn’t have to sell books or have a website or employ a bunch of know nothings at the street.com.

  3. I agree with much of what you say, but the reason he is able to sell those books and peddle his website is because he managed to build a hedge fund worth billions and a personal war chest of nearly $70million. It’s not like he worked at Burger King and someone offered him a show all of the sudden.

    Take what he says with a grain of salt. He’s a market mover. If you understand that, you actually can interpret what he says/means very clearly.

  4. Oh this is such a joke, Cramer is no different from the others. Nobobdy knows what’s going to happen. Back in the Fall, all Cramer talked about in regards to technology was his “four horsemen”, Apple, Google, RIM, & Amazon. Now he’s been running them down. A couple of weeks ago he stands there shaking his head and saying how “I think you missed your chance with Apple, I think you missed your chance with Apple”. Again, this is dartboard analysis. Or rather, reacting instead of predicting. Honestly, what kind of analyst can look at what Apple has been doing and NOT predict a comeback for the stock? I say take all the analysts with a grain of salt and think for yourselves….

  5. My philosophy on financial guru’s and pundits: If they are so fscking good at what they do, we wouldn’t know who they were until we saw them on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. Being on TV would just cut into their Polo time.

    Jim Cramer is no Cosmo Kramer!

    Just my $0.02

  6. I think we should end every post now with “Suck it MAC dorks!”

    Come on, it’ll be fun!

    And, we will be making fun of our choice of computer platform as well as our choice of makeup company.


    Suck it MAC dorks!!!™

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  7. @Tired…I call that a “Roots Moment.” Years ago I was speaking to a group of high school kids, and I casually made a reference to the miniseries, Roots. Later, my buddy sidled up to me and said, these guys weren’t born when Roots was on TV. Since then, any reference that likely pre-dates the audience is a Roots moment. I think you are correct, and this qualifies.

  8. “If he could really pick stocks, he wouldn’t have to sell books or have a website or employ a bunch of know nothings at the street.com.”

    Um, the guy made his millions on Wall street…. wait for it… wait…

    PICKING STOCKS you fool.

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