Pogue: iPhone Software 2.0 is going to be a huge, gigantic success

“Last week, Apple announced iPhone 2.0. It’s not a new phone model (although that will be coming this year, too)—it’s new software for the existing phone. And in my considered opinion, it will be an even bigger deal than the iPhone itself,” David Pogue reports for The New York Times.

“I can’t tell you how huge this is going to be. There will be thousands of iPhone programs, covering every possible interest. The iPhone will be valuable for far more than simple communications tasks; it will be the first widespread pocket desktop computer. You’re witnessing the birth of a third major computer platform: Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone,” Pogue reports.

“Sure, there are add-on programs for the Treo, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. But they’ll never achieve the ubiquity or popularity of iPhone apps, because Apple will preinstall the iPhone Apps Store right on every phone. That’s an online catalog of iPhone programs, which you can browse, download and install wirelessly, wherever you happen to be. That’s several thousand fewer barriers and steps than you’d encounter on the other smartphone platforms,” Pogue reports.

“The release of iPhone 2.0 is over three months away, but I’ll stick my neck out and make a prediction: it will be a gigantic success, spreading the iPhone’s popularity both upward, into the corporate market, and downward, into the hands of the masses,” Pogue reports. “iPhone 2.0 will turn this phone into an engineering tool, a game console, a free-calls Skype phone, a business tool, a dating service, an e-book reader, a chat room, a database, an Etch-a-Sketch…and that’s on Day One.”

More in the full article here.

Of course, everything Pogue just wrote also goes for iPod touch*. So, take “huge, gigantic success” and extrapolate.

*Hardware microphone accessory required for the free-calls Skype phone bit.


  1. “it will be the first widespread pocket desktop computer.”

    Call me a semantic freak, but by definition a “desktop” computer can’t fit in your pocket because it’s on the desktop.

    Of course, we all know what he means (the POWER of a desktop computer in your pocket), but that’s not what he said…

  2. @ericdano

    I expect Filemaker to create a version for it. They have a Palm version of Filemaker now so an iPhone version should be a no brainer.
    I know a few Filemaker database programmers that were just waiting for this.

  3. Bento would be interesting but I’d like to see an iPhone version of Delicious Library.

    I also hope there will be a way to demo the apps before purchasing them.

    It will be ginormous (not to be confused with a large section of Rosie O’Donnell). Suck on that, MAC dorks.

  4. Well isn’t this interesting:

    FileMaker, Inc. discontinues FileMaker Mobile
    As of the end of the business day, December 19, 2007, FileMaker, Inc. will no longer sell FileMaker Mobile.

    Key Dates
    December 19, 2007: Last day to order FileMaker Mobile 8. The product will be available until the end of the business day, local time.*
    June 18, 2008: Last day to receive support and order replacement media for FileMaker Mobile 7 and FileMaker Mobile 8. They will be available until the end of the business day, local time..*
    * Availability is dependent on inventory

    Well guess that means they got some engineers with some free time to work on an iPhone vesion.

  5. This will be Apple’s assault on the two major areas which it has bypassed up till now—enterprise and gaming! MicroSoft built up all it’s defenses around the desktop but left the soft underbelly of mobile computing guarded by the sad apparition of WinCe.

    It is truly a masterstroke by Apple. They are simultaneously taking mobile computing, mobile phones, software development/distribution, music and gaming into a whole new dimension. And MicroSoft, Sony, Nokia, Moto and the telcos can only sit there dumbfounded in awe and disbelief.

    Apple owns them for at least the next ten years.

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