Iowa school district to roll out Apple MacBooks in eight different grade levels

“Soon students in the Central City School District won’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll have a computer to use. Starting this fall, students there will have their very own laptops,” Claire Kellett reports for KCRG TV.

MacDailyNews Note: Central City is about 25 miles northeast of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“Computer time is hard to come by for Central City students. Finding a free keyboard during class time can be a challenge,” Kellett reports.

“[Students rush to] claim a computer before someone else steps in. This fall, friendly fights over tech time will fade. The district is making a hefty purchase,” Kellett reports. “‘A total of about 380 computers [mainly MacBooks],’ says Superintendent John Dotson.”

Kellett reports, “Meaning classrooms will be littered with laptops. All students in fifth through twelfth grades and their teachers will have their own portable computers for use at school and at home. ‘Apple has not worked with any other district to roll out a program of this magnitude,’ says Dotson. A program that puts laptops in eight different grade levels.”

Kellett reports, “The district didn’t forget about the younger students. The Kindergarten through fourth grade levels will have [Apple Mobile Learning Labs] that travel from classroom to classroom.”

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  1. @ChrissOne,

    “Devil” is just an old concept. Each religion has it’s own way to define whats supposed to be “divine” or “evil”… Nothing to do with “truth” about that foolish stuff…

  2. MACs in the classroom? Fantastic. Central City can churn out pretentious and smug tech illiterates who won’t know how to write a cover-your-ass e-mail in Microsoft Outlook when they forget to propose a key component in the proposal they generated in Microsoft Excel.

    Obviously these kids won’t be ready for the real world, but at least they’ll know how to work with overpriced proprietary toys that can’t play games when they get jobs at McDonald’s.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  3. @ Cubert & Buster,
    Sporks? And fingers? Oh, you were lucky! We had to grow our own toothpicks to use to pick up the salt deposits from your evaporated saline to insert manually into our veins!

    We lived in a hole in the road and had to get up half an hour before we went to bed…

    And the kids today just don’t understand.

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