Report: Disney made $123 million from Apple’s iTunes since 2006

“Disney CEO Bob Iger tells the audience at the Digital Hollywood Media Summit that he’s sold 4 million movies and ’40 to 50′ million videos through iTunes since he launched the service in 2006,” Peter Kafka reports for Silicon Alley Insider.

“What does that mean in terms of dollars? …$122.8 million… Another reminder that digital sales aren’t going to do much for Disney or any other the other large media congolomerates’ top and bottom lines for quite some time,” Kafka opines.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike in Helsinki” for the heads up.]

Does Kafka know that Apple and the studios, including Disney, just turned on iTunes Movie Rentals or is he just playing dumb?


  1. Sounds rather good for the first two years of a new service. Most take longer than that to break even. Considering that companies are just tipping their fingers in at the moment and this s just one way they are earning digital cash, it sounds like a nice little earner to me and with massive potential.

  2. 10B is easy considering they own ESPN, ABC, Disney World, Disney Land, a wealth of movies, PIXAR etc. . . . no one expects iTunes to be their main focus, however, 123 million of almost pure profit as Shen pointed out is something any company will go for as long as it doesn’t hurt their other revenue streams. We don’t know though how much negative impact (if any) it had on their traditional DVD movie sales. And i think we can all agree that all studios could be putting on more movies via iTunes (more movies = bigger profits, duh?!)

    and anyways, what other company is helping them make 123 million in movies sales the way Apple is?? ZuneTang, you know of any?? How’s that ZunePhone coming along??

  3. 122 millions is nothing for Disney. It’s far less than one of their blockbuster movie revenues!!! But again, iTunes movies could be the future, so it’s worthwile positionning oneself.

  4. “..$122.8 million.”.. For a Digital copy, How much would it take to make the same amount of money selling movies in old fashion disc?
    Imagine that, 50 million plastic discs. I believe that what ever angle you look at it, is far better so sell using digital downloads that physical discs.

  5. The question is what percent of Disney’s PROFIT came from iTunes. Even more precisely, what percent of Disney’s PROFIT GROWTH during these two years came from iTunes. In both cases, I bet it was quite substantial.

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