$100M iFund: KPCB’s first month expectations for iPhone dev business plans exceeded in 36 hours

“Executives at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers had a running bet as they announced a $100 million fund to encourage developers to build tools for Apple’s iPhone. The wager was over how many business plans they’d receive in the first 30 days after the Mar. 6 announcement. Kleiner Perkins partner Matt Murphy won’t divulge the number, but says it was exceeded within 36 hours,” Olga Kharif reports for BusinessWeek.

“So great is the interest among developers in creating a software-based tool, or application, for Apple’s popular iPhone or iPod Touch that on the same day Apple announced the release of the software developer’s kit, or SDK, Apple’s Web site crashed. Many developers resorted to grabbing the file using BitTorrent file-sharing technology,” Kharif reports.

“At stake not only is a slice of funding from storied Kleiner Perkins, an early investor in such companies as Amazon, Genentech, and Sun Microsystems, but potential bragging rights to building the next killer app for the iPhone,” Kharif reports.

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  1. Does anyone think Apple doesn’t promote the Touch enough in the sense that these developers will be simutaneously programing , not only for the iPhone but the Touch.

    I know iPhone is higher margin. But the Touch is much more accessable as a product.

  2. What I want for iPhone is to securely:

    1. Access medical and pharmaceutical references whether physically stored on the iPhone or accessed through a web portal.
    2. Integrate with hospital databases for displaying laboratory data in numerical and/or graphical outputs.
    3. Integrate with hospital databases for displaying charting information.
    4. Send immediate notifications when lab data or charting data exceed a given set of thresholds or rate of change.
    5. Access charting information.
    6. Access and submit standing orders.
    7. Access CPOE (computerized physician order entry) software.
    8. Write and submit discharge orders to community pharmacies.
    9. Write and submit discharge instructions.
    10. List current medications on formulary.
    11. Conduct simultaneous “iChat” conversations with colleagues, staff, and patients.
    12. Check, set, and verify patient appointments.

  3. Yes, I know there are at least twenty files on BitTorrent that are free for the taking. It was just some early morning cynicism which is excellent with a bagel, some cream cheese and cup of joe.

  4. Ahh, there’s nothing better than sitting in front of your computer downloading porn via BT in your underwear while eating a bowl of Capt. Crunch early in the morning……

    Wait….somehow that seems vaguely familiar.

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