Report: The Beatles coming to Apple’s iTunes Store soon

“Sir Paul McCartney is to release the Beatles back catalogue online – helping pay for his multi-million-pound divorce from Heather Mills,” Robert Mendick and Jonathan Prynn report for The Evening Standard.

“The singles and albums will be made available on iTunes in the coming months following the final divorce hearing, due to take place at the High Court in 10 days,” Mendick and Prynn report.

“Containing albums such as Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the White Album and Help!, it will be by far the most prized music catalogue released via the internet, worth up to £200 million, according to some estimates. It is expected to dominate the download charts for many months,” Mendick and Prynn report.

“The catalogue’s online release has been hampered by legal wrangles that have now been settled. The divorce is thought to be the final obstacle,” Mendick and Prynn report.

Full article here.


  1. @PzKpfW
    He could just sell hampshire and pay for it with the proceeds.

    If you are going to steal from the dead, at least give them credit!

    That line is from Douglas Adams (who was a famous Mac user to boot!) from one of the 5 volumes of the Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy trilogy. From Life, The Universe, and Everything, if I remember correctly.

  2. The whole point is that these are going to be remastered versions of the albums. They didn’t do any remastering for the CD versions. If you can still listen to vinyl, good on you, but if you want to hear it digitally at its best, these new versions will be the first time you can.

  3. Already have all of them, English and spanish versions, including most of the studio cuts. Would like to see them there just to have this mess resolved so that we can move on, but it won;t affect me other than as a shareholder.

  4. Capitol has released everything from “The “Early Beatles” (formerly known as “Introducing the Beatles” their very first album) through “Rubber Soul.”

    So all I need is everything after that, because those Red and Blue collection CD do not have all the songs from all the albums. Just what some exec thought you should have. I want exact matches to all my scratched albums damn it.

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