Report: The Beatles coming to Apple’s iTunes Store soon

“Sir Paul McCartney is to release the Beatles back catalogue online – helping pay for his multi-million-pound divorce from Heather Mills,” Robert Mendick and Jonathan Prynn report for The Evening Standard.

“The singles and albums will be made available on iTunes in the coming months following the final divorce hearing, due to take place at the High Court in 10 days,” Mendick and Prynn report.

“Containing albums such as Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the White Album and Help!, it will be by far the most prized music catalogue released via the internet, worth up to £200 million, according to some estimates. It is expected to dominate the download charts for many months,” Mendick and Prynn report.

“The catalogue’s online release has been hampered by legal wrangles that have now been settled. The divorce is thought to be the final obstacle,” Mendick and Prynn report.

Full article here.


  1. MDN, you should do a recap of the other 19 times this has been posted…

    Anyways, I find it funny he wants to wait until the wifey’s claws are out of his pocket before releasing it. Smart guy. He’s probably been staring at her for the last two years just thinking “I know I am getting rid of you sooner or later, and I can’t even think of letting you get half of the iTunes sales!”

  2. Beatles???? Fffffft, really does anyone care outside of the aging Hippies? “All you need is love?”, more like “All you need is Geritol” Oh wait…

    Led Zeppelin forever! The mothership has already landed at the ITMS.

  3. @ Dude

    As long as people listen to Beatles and Led Z, people will care and will continue to buy.

    As far as why would people pay for them on iTunes when it does *eventually* get released? Same reason that Star Wars fans buy versions of the six-pack movies when they come out in stores: because they’re there.

    *goes back to watch ANH on VHS….* Hee-hee….Chewie…

  4. We may have ripped our beatles cd’s and have them on our ipods, but I’m looking for re-mastered versions, if they release them I’ll buy them ALL again…beatles tunes as they stand are music in one ear vocals in the other (for the early stuff), it’s awful to listen to on an ipod, so bring it the re-mastered goodness!

  5. Once the settlement figure is decided, I wonder what it will work out to per lay? She must have been his most expensive piece of @$$ he’s ever had.

    At those prices, he had better of been railing that – hard and often!

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