Adobe issues empty response to Steve Jobs’ statement that ‘Flash is too slow for iPhone’

“Was Steve Jobs trying to send an unofficial message to Adobe Systems? Something on the order of ‘get it in gear, guys, if you want to stay on my VIP list?’ As my colleague Tom Krazit reported Tuesday afternoon, Jobs used the Apple shareholders’ meeting to publicly dismiss the the full-blown PC Flash version as ‘too slow to be useful’ on the iPhone,” Charles Cooper reports for CNET. “He then went on to describe the mobile version–Flash Lite–as ‘not capable of being used with the Web.'”

“That’s an unusual–albeit refreshingly frank–way to talk in public about a business partner. Give Jobs credit for speaking his mind, although I very much doubt Adobe appreciated his candor,” Cooper reports. “I tried to get a comment from Adobe, which has worked closely with Apple over the years.”

Read Adobe’s official non-answer answer to Cooper’s question in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “NeverFade” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: We’re surprised Microsoft Adobe even had time to issue their meaningless response; aren’t they still hard at work on the Photoshop Universal Binary? Xcode, boys, Xcode.


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    PeaceOut Yall

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