Oregon’s George Fox University dumps Windows PCs for Apple Macs

Oregon’s George Fox University has announced that they will transition the Computer Across Curriculum (CAC), laptop option from offering a Windows PC or an Apple laptop to offering only Apple laptop options beginning for the 08-09 academic year.

This decision is the result of a multi-phase proposal and debate process. Phase I of this proposal was distributed and commented on by the IT Advisory Committee, ITAC. Many of issues were discussed and the proposal was modified, however, there were no major objections to moving this proposal forward. Phase II of this proposal was circulated through ASC to the students and feedback was only positive. Phase III provided specific feedback from the more technical programs such as Engineering, Graphic Arts and Music. Phase IV was focused on gathering feedback from the faculty and staff while beginning to define more of the specifics of the plan.

The goal for the proposal was to consider the case for the switch over to an all Apple undergraduate laptop program. By looking at this option George Fox University opened up opportunities for goals such as support standardization, 2 tier laptop offering, communication strategies, marketing exposure, etc. However, the overriding goal is to ensure that the CAC program continues to offer GFU undergraduate students a technology advantage in their academic pursuits. This overriding goal is already being realized by increased use of podcasting and utilization of GFU’s iTunes U.

The primary solution is to offer an Apple MacBook to all incoming freshman students next year. George Fox University plans to try to add desired features such as a DVD burner, more disk capacity and more memory if the budget allows. The final decision about the MacBook model specifications will be determined through negotiations with Apple with a deadline that allows for delivery based on Genesis event distribution. The MacBooks will be offered with a dual boot option allowing for the MacBook to be used as a Microsoft Windows based PC if desired. The student will choose whether they want a dual boot option. There are many more decisions relating to exactly how this configuration will be handled as well as how Microsoft Office will be installed.

There may be other Apple purchase opportunities that may or may not directly relate to the CAC program. There may be good options for offering an upper class upgrade, however, this will be considered in phase II of this transition. George Fox University is excited by the possibilities that will be realized by this new relationship with Apple.

George Fox University lists opportunities they expect to occur, including:
• Standardize support for the CAC program which would gain efficiencies for IT User Services.
• Offer an option for a more powerful laptop for upper class students when the demands on them are greatest.
• Leverage the value of Apple (iLife, iWorks) or open source applications.
• Enhance environment for multimedia distribution based on QuickTime/MP4.
• Encourage the opportunity to move into video story book projects for all students.
• Take advantage of growing trend of podcast type posting to FoxTALE and iTunes U.
• Utilize new Apple Leopard Server applications such as Podcast, iChat, Time Machine and Final Cut Server
• Groundwork could be laid for a transition to an iTouch or iPDA type of device which might replace the laptop someday.
• Develop a true GFU branded program/website to offer selected Apple products at considerable savings to faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Source: George Fox University

MacDailyNews Take: A trend seems to be developing. Lately, more and more colleges and universities seem to be realizing that OS-unlimited Macs make for more sense than OS-limited PCs from the likes of HP, Dell, Toshiba, etc. As for Windows on Macs, remember: embrace first as extinguish will follow naturally. Many people have told us about how they bought a Mac because they had the ability to run Windows only to discover with surprise that they stopped booting into Windows altogether. Most people think they need Windows. They don’t. The word is spreading. The world is finally waking up!


  1. A lot of the students I know who put Parallels and XP on their Macs did so because they needed Office 2007. (Office 2004 was for all practical purposes unusable on Intel Macs.) Now that Office 2008 is out, they don’t even bother launching Parallels anymore.

  2. I am in grad school right now and I can honestly say that about 70-80% of the kids I see on campus have Macs. I also see a lot of kids using and showing off their Iphones. My managerial accounting professor even had an Iphone.

  3. R.I.P., my beloved Windows. You’ve been a thorn in my side since our first date, you have terrible table manners, you have trouble sleeping, and you’re a terrible driver. You will always be remembered, whenever I bite into something rotten or lay in bed sicker than a dog. Your black mark on the world will never be forgotten, as the human race slowly recovers and gets their conscience back.

  4. I’ve mentioned this before. Minnesota State University Mankato mandates that all business school students have to buy a Dell laptop from the campus book store. The bookstore loads all necessary software. They wouldn’t let me buy a MBP or MB for my daughter. Unbelievably short sighted.

  5. These morons will be coming back to Windows in no time. One taste of the Outlook client combined with Microsoft’s wonderful Exchange server when these kids are out in the workplace will have them hooked!

    The only problem will be getting these kids jobs without core competencies in Microsoft-based computing in the first place. Who’s going to hire kids who can’t run REAL WORLD Windows applications? It’s going to be a harsh awakening going from the fantasyland toy computers in college to the Windows powerhouses in the workplace.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  6. Mankato State’s policy makes sense if you read their program description. Their graduates will have the technical savvy to jump right into the real world of solving Windows driver problems, virus attacks, and registry errors.

    Once an OS does the basics such as read files, launch programs, display information on the screen, interpret keystrokes, and printer, there’s nothing more an OS can do, right? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Windows: The world’s favorite program launcher.

    The COB IT Initiative prepares our students to make significant contributions to all organizations after graduation through their understanding of the essential role of digital information flows in the modern global economy. Our graduates are sought out specifically for the technology saavy and their knowledge of how to apply technology to solving business problems.

  7. “The final decision about the MacBook model specifications will be determined through negotiations with Apple with a deadline that allows for delivery based on Genesis event distribution.”

    Holy crap!!! Does this mean that the whole project will be completed in 6 days?

  8. @silverhawk,
    As I said yesterday, how is this enforceable? With this current University in the story, they are giving away the laptops. This Michigan school is requiring a purchase made on the part of the student. I wonder what will happen if a student shows up with a MacBook on the first day of class.

  9. I live next to Newberg, OR (where George Fox is)…

    George Fox is a private Christian school. I’m really surprised they made this move. Demographics show less religious oriented people lean towards the mac side. If the religious side is moving towards macs like this… there could be a bright future for Apple.

  10. Expect this to happen more and more in the next few months. Microsoft have stated that Windows XP will not be sold after June (it will still be supported by MS), moving all users to Blista.

    If your choice for academic year 2008/9 was 1000 Vista laptops or 1000 MacBooks with Leopard, which would you choose?

  11. “The world is finally waking up!”?

    And the alarm is another proprietary overpriced toy that can’t play games or support a two button mouse. Press the snooze button and go back to sleep.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  12. Oh ZT, you’re such a joy when you’re off your meds. If you still think that Macs are toys, then give me a toy that is functional, fun, and frustration-free than a beige/black boat anchor leaden with viruses, bloatware and a Fischer-Price GUI on an OS devised by Salvador Dali.

    Think Different.

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