Apple working on OS X-based multi-touch Kindle killer?

“Second guessing Steve Jobs — or actually first guessing — is Silicon Valley’s most popular spectator sport. Dozens of Web rumor sites pour over every one of his pronouncements as if he were the Pope, looking for product and strategy hints,” John Markoff blogs for The New York Times.

“At Macworld Mr. Jobs told me he was skeptical about the Amazon Kindle book reader because most American’s don’t read. That touched off a firestorm of criticism and speculation. My favorite bit of analysis was that this must mean he is readying his own book reader. A familiar Jobsian strategy is to denigrate an entire category — he did this with cell phones, for example — before reinventing it with Apple panache,” Markoff reports.

“At Macworld, when I asked Mr. Jobs about the idea of an iTouch in a larger ‘Safari Pad’ format, he snapped at me, ‘I can’t talk about unannounced products,” Markoff reports. “On Wednesday, at a financial conference, Apple chief operating officer Tim Cook, confirmed that the iTouch was a platform, not a single product.”

“Without a doubt the Apple industrial design department could do a better job than Amazon in conceptualizing a digital book,” Markoff reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, ya think? Amazon’s Kindle looks like something John Dykstra superglued together back in 1975; with a ColecoVision UI, no less.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “qka” for the heads up.]


  1. Yeah right! Because we all know what a firestorm the Kindle started as e-book readers burned the midnight oil waiting in line to get a chance to fire one up.
    “It’s so hot, we have to kill it now before it’s raging out of control” said a melting Jobs.

    …. sure.

  2. Blog popularity shows that people do read. Hit counts show that many do not even bother to go to the second page, let alone read all of the comments before adding their own comment.

    So people read but their attention span has dropped dramatically. The iPod Reader Touch must have a color screen so there are a few pictures to look at to keep the reader attentive. The monochrome Kindle just doesn’t cut it.

  3. I also prefer to read a real book but as I student forced to carry many large, heavy text books, I love the fact that I can carry books on my Palm Tungsten. However, if Apple were to come out with some kind of larger screen version of the iPod Touch with the ability to use a bluetooth keyboard so that I could use it to take notes at school, I would drop my palm in a heartbeat.

  4. Heh, John Dykstra back in ’75…. Great reference–and the Kindle really does look something like that!

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