Apple iPhone to battle RIM Blackberry for corporate users

“The phrase ‘new enterprise features’ in a recent Apple iPhone-related event invite was all it took for some to anoint the iPhone as the next big challenge for Research In Motion Ltd., the world’s leading supplier of smartphones,” Ben Charny reports for Dow Jones Newswires. “‘Here we go, Apple vs. RIM,’ the Apple news Web site MacDailyNews wrote shortly after the invite was sent.”

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve always had quite the gumption for unction. Extreme*, even. Now, where’d we put that Chrism?

* For the plastic-button-festooned-whether-you’re-using-them-or-not Blackberry, of course.

Charney continues, “Based on expectations for next week’s events, some believe Apple may use the iPhone to gain more share of business hardware and software spending, and possibly improve the company’s overall position in the corporate world.”

“Apple is only saying it will discuss the iPhone’s software roadmap and those few business-facing features at its Thursday event. But there is growing sentiment among Apple watchers that the company is ready to push the iPhone on the corporate market, drawing on ties with enterprise technology giants such as International Business Machines Corp. and Oracle Corp., plus other players such as software maker Inc., which is said to be developing an iPhone-specific feature,” Charny reports.

“FTN Midwest analyst Bill Fearnley Jr. said that according to his checks, iPhone sales were helped in February by the introduction of a corporate iPhone plan that allows AT&T Inc. to bill employers directly,” Charny reports. “…To be sure, it is hard to gauge what if any boost Apple may get to its bottom line should corporations embrace the iPhone. Apple already has 28% of the U.S. smartphone market.”

“After March 6, the next milestone for the iPhone is making it compatible with the fastest of the high-speed wireless networks. A so-called 3G, or third- generation, iPhone is due sometime in June, according to the latest rumors” Charny reports.

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike in Helsinki” for the heads up.]

[UPDATE: 2:20pm EST: Attempted to clairify Take with disclaimer.]


  1. “maybe store employees can start using iPhones for POS rather than the POS (other meaning) windows things they have had so far…”

    I gotta admit, this is one thing that makes me chuckle about Apple Stores.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept. But seeing the Apple Store employee pull out the Windows CE-based scanner is just plain sad.

    I don’t imagine they’ll be iPhones, though. iPod touches should do the job, collecting the sales info via WiFi.

  2. So the thing is, if you buy into the mindset (and I sort of do) that much of the Mac’s success is due to the “iPod Halo Effect”, then does it not only make sense to follow the same path to conquering the enterprise with the “iPhone Halo Effect”. Makes sense to me.


  3. Don’t count RIM out yet.

    They have some issues to work out. The Blackberry service is a massive single point of failure for Blackberry users, but on the other hand, it is fast, as in E-MAIL DOWNLOADS OVER EDGE FAR FASTER than it does with the iPhone.

    And Push for a handheld device rules.

    That being said, I find that I depend on Edge less and less as I have to search to find a place that I work that has no WiFi.

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