Free Return to Dark Castle Demo for Apple Mac now available

The Return to Dark Castle Demo is now available as a free download for Apple Macs.

In a time of magic and mythical beasts, the ominous Dark Castle glows eerily under the full moon. For centuries, the evil Black Knight has dwelled within these walls, spreading fear over the once peaceful countryside.

All seemed hopeless until one day, a traveler from a faraway land wandered into the peasant village. He called himself Prince Duncan, and told the townspeople he had come on a quest to vanquish the Black Knight.

Overjoyed that peace might finally be restored to their land, they cheered as Duncan set off toward the castle. But alas, their hero never returned from his valiant quest.

Tales of his bravery were all that were spoken of Dark Castle for many years…. Until now. A new hero has arrived, ready to face the perils of the castle and destroy the cruel Black Knight once and for all.

Minimum Hardware Specs
• Mac OS 10.3.9
• G3 / 500MHz
• 128MB of RAM
• 100MB of free hard drive space
• Turn all special effects off to run at 15 frames per second

Recommended Specs:
• G4 / 1.0GHz
• 256MB of RAM
• 100MB of free hard drive space

Developer Super Happy Fun Fun promises that the full version of Return to Dark Castle “will be available for download on Macintosh computers very, VERY soon.”

More info and download link (70MB, .dmg file) here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “bc” for the heads up.]


  1. i think i still have my old 3.5″ disks too. that was a great game. especially when the stockings were hung on the fireplace mantle at christmas time. i can still hear the sound the snakes made when hit with a rock.

  2. Pardon the old fart history lesson but it should be noted that the original Dark Castle game was programmed by the same guy who went on to develop the Splash vector animation tool and sold it to Macromedia (who renamed it Flash.) I think he is still part of (maybe in charge of) the Flash team.

  3. Any “Bard’s Tale” fans out there? That was my coming-of-age video game, for sure. Remember how you could transport to the second level of the final castle and go up against 99 Somethings, 99 Somethings, 99 Somethings, and 99 Somethings (can’t recall what!) just to get your experience up to kill the last bad guy? <sigh> Those were the carefree days. 16 colors. Text action. I still remember the theme song.

  4. @MacGuy

    The original Mac was <<shivers>> 128k, the Mac 512k was . . . 512k and the Mac Plus was a whopping 1 Meg of ram. I’m sure it was just a typo.

    Anyone remember the MacBottom? The Levco MonsterMac? Switcher? Silicon Beach Software’s Airborn? The Dove Fax? ADB Ports?
    What was the name of that monitor that turned sideways?

  5. I’ve got one of the original Mac Portables in its case somewhere in the cellar. Haven’t even looked at it in years, but i bet it still works…

    Think it’ll run leopard? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Switcher?

    Yep I remember that. It allowed one to use more than one program at once.

    What was the name of that monitor that turned sideways?


    I know ATI made some of their Mac video cards to support landscape and portrait modes.

    Apple never made a monitor that changed orientation, and they should have because of the DTP market.

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