Microsoft discounts Windows Vista

“Microsoft announced its intention to slash the price of its latest OS, unveiled in January 2007,” Max Brenn reports for eFluxMedia.

“Citing as a reason, its desire to urge the adoption of Windows Vista, Microsoft said that the price of its Windows Vista Ultimate, the fully-featured version of the OS, will be $319 instead of $399,” Brenn reports. “Also, those who already own a copy of Windows XP or a version of Windows Vista will pay to upgrade to Ultimate only $219 and not $259.”

“Microsoft will also cut prices for upgrade versions of Vista Home Premium, its mainstream product, to $129 from $159. The price cuts will apply in 73 countries, but they could vary from one country to another,” Brenn reports. “Also, the software giant will stop selling ‘upgrade’ versions of Vista in emerging markets and it will instead sell Vista Home Premium and Home Basic, a stripped-down version, at the upgrade prices.”

Brenn reports, “PC World, the guys behind the ‘top 100 high-tech products of the year,’ has labeled the OS as one of the biggest disappointments of 2007.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “amex” and “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. Zune Tang might have a point there about lowering the price. I already got Windows Ultimate for free, because I was a beta tester. If they make it freeware, they might blow Apple out of the water.

    Or not.

    My Dell XPS is sitting in a corner unused. Every time I turn it on, Vista wants to update, scan for this, defragment that, and so forth. By the time it’s ready, I’ve finished my work on the Mac. It’s getting so I’m terrified to turn it on.

    Vista made me a Mac user. So lowering the price works right into Apple’s hands.

  2. “If they make it freeware, they might blow Apple out of the water.”

    That would be a serious abuse of MS’s monopoly status.
    Not that the U.S. D.O.J. would do anything about it. I’m surprised they aren’t allowed to just go ahead and print their own currency. Ballmer Bucks. Or would it be a points system?

  3. “As always Microsoft is looking out for the little guy”
    So that’s how Redmond refers to its brainwashed heathens.

    “—in this case graciously lowering prices and all you MAC sheep can do is bitch. The price of entry for the world’s most advanced, secure and easy-to-use OS is less expensive than before.”
    But-but-but you said that money is an outmoded form of applicable payment, and we should be using points instead! So how many points does it cost to purchase Vista Training Bra edition?

    “We should all be grateful. Thank you, Microsoft!”
    Yes, Gates and Ballmer, thank you for the continous years of laughter and tears (mostly tears).

    “History tells me not to expect Apple to have a good answer to this development as Cupertino has reacted poorly to Microsoft’s shrewd, customer-focused marketing decisions and brilliant innovations in the past.”

    Sorry to interrupt your diatribe Zune Tang, but your boss just called, and you need to get to work to start your afternoon shift at Chuck-E-Cheese.
    As far as Apple’s response to this obviously brilliant, Napoleon-like strategy (with bonus Napoleon Complex), they’re a little busy right now called Making Money and Caring About the Consumer.

    Think Different.

  4. We’ve been hearing a lot about the Economic Slowdown™ and its effect on Apple’s consumer-centric business. But this seems to be exactly what’s hurting Microsoft. When times are tough, I’ll hold off on buying an iPod if I already have one. But it looks like people are still buying iPods in healthy numbers.

    But when times are tough, do I choose to spend 400 bucks on a new operating system that doesn’t do anything appreciably better than the one I have, will likely require me to upgrade my hardware, as well as many of my apps, all for the prize of having to deal with the new security system and crappy beta hardware drivers?

    Oh, and I get Aero.


    Which aisle are the iPods on, again?

  5. For anyone who is used to Leopard, MS would have to pay considerably more than 500 a month to achieve a switch to Vista.

    Mmm and imagining it for a second…. uurgh, no, even then I wouldn’t.

    Let’s have a poll on how much it would take MDN.

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