UBS: Apple’s 3G iPhone to launch by mid-year, include Infineon chip

“German chipmaker Infineon Technologies AG will likely be supplying the new systems solution to Apple Inc.’s next-generation iPhone, UBS analysts told clients in a note published Thursday,” Aude Lagorce reports for MarketWatch.

UBS also believes “that 3G-enabled iPhones will be released by mid-year and that the current EDGE iPhone platform is being ramped down earlier than expected to ‘clean’ inventories,” Lagorce reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Brawndo Drinker,” “Mike in Helsinki,” and “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I love Apple and have done so for over 20 years.

    I love my matte Macbook Pro and all others that came before that.

    I dislike the iPhone because it’s too clumsy and small screen size. The slow connections speeds and lack of Javascript etc.

    I totally dislike glossy screens, because they hurt your eyes after looking at them for long periods like at a job.

    I thank Apple for not mandating glossy screens on the new MacBooks.

    I loath Apple for contributing to the detriment of people’s eyesight with glossy screens.

    I am very confused.

  2. Oh yes,

    I am waiting for the iPhone Rev 2 with:

    1: Open carrier
    2: 3G
    3: GPS
    4: User replaceable battery
    5: Some sort of goggles for a bigger screen experience.
    6: Much much larger storage capacity.

    I’m not repeating with the iPhone what I did with the iPod, buying just about every new version that comes out.

    This time I will wait, because my investment in a MacBook Pro is much better than a hobbled iPhone capabilites.

    The iPod is great for playing music and storing stuff mainly. So the larger the capacity the better in my book.

    The iPhone pales in comparison to a laptop in functionality. I have no problem carrying a laptop because I drive.

    Now if I lived in the city, rode the subway. A iPhone would be preferred, but because of my work, would require a laptop anyway.

    So I will buy a iPhone, when it’s fixed.

  3. you dislike the small screen size, Maniac? buy a bigasstable from microsoft.

    you dislike the slow connection, but many tests have shown it to be far faster and more useable than any other choice on the market.

    and you want java? you complain it is slow, but you want it to be slower?

    you are right, you are confused…..

  4. Macmaniac — I just love glossy screens,and I work for looong periods onscreen.

    We’re all different I guess, and luckily there are effective matte screen coverings available for those who dislike glossies.

  5. Oh by the way, AT&T;does have a 3G network in effect. My friend has a phone on it.

    But it’s glitchy right now and not everywhere.

    So this is what Apple is waiting for. So waiting for iPhone Rev 2 is a GOOD THING.

    Because one keeps a phone for years.

    Good day.

  6. I can’t wait for iPhone v2! By then the SDK will have been out for a while and we’ll see third party apps for the thing.

    I’d love to see a simple GTD app, like Things, for the iPhone. Then i could kiss my Palm TX buh bye.

    MacManiac…. The MacBook Pro offers a choice. If you go with a macBook or MacBook Air, you’re stuck with glossy. UGH. I guess it’s because pros use matte screens. The Air should still offer a choice.

  7. Mac Maniac, you juxtaposed “too clumsy” with “small screen size”. Are you suggesting Apple found the perfect fit where you are satisfied with neither? That it must be clumsier to provide a better screen or have an even smaller screen to be less clumsy?

    Now I’m confused.
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> Dave

  8. “EDGE iPhone platform is being ramped down earlier than expected to ‘clean’ inventories”

    no way apple will do that. people in irland and all the other new countries that will hopefully be announced next week would zeter mordio over that. imagine you buy a brand new phone and 4 month later it is obsolet. apple is already a burned child on that (early price cut, anyone?)

    apple will introdice a new 3g model and lower the price for the existing model. that’s it. (an iphone nano with a lower contract requirement aimed at teens would be nice though)

  9. Mac Maniac, you’ve missed out on Apple’s best product release EVER. The iPhone is Apple’s greatest accomplishment, and it fits in your pocket. It’s a shame you’ve been a fan for so long, and then you “don’t get it” when Steve releases this masterpiece.

    Can you tell how much I love mine?

  10. @DJ

    Anti-glare screens collect dirt, melt and peel. Mess up a otherwise great looking piece of hardware.

    Nice impression it makes to Windows losers to boot…not.

    @Tom Strong

    Apple is very attentive to our computing needs and wants or they would be out of business.

    And yes I like being pampered, God knows we pay for it.

  11. I like the iPhone, but I can’t justify buying it because it does not have a 13 inch screen, 200 gb HD and at least 2 gbs of ram. I also can’t create and edit word documents, nor can I run my protein folding screen saver.

    I guess I’ll have to wait until Apple releases a portable computer that I can carry easily, has a decent processor and memory, and is multitouch.

    Oh wait… they already have that.

  12. @Mac Maniac

    Whine, whine, whine, bitch, bitch, bitch, sob, sob, sob, sniffle, sniffle, sniffle, etc., etc., etc. Voltaire once said, “The best stomachs are not those which reject all food.” Clearly, you and your lofty standards are much too high for this imperfect world and its flawed art. Perhaps you should just wait for heaven, nirvana, the Elysian Fields, or the like to be truly satisfied with life.

    Good luck to you, but remember: The greatest enemy of The Good is The Perfect. Something tells me you’re never going to experience either.

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