RUMOR: Apple to release iPhone SDK beta on March 6, final version due in June at WWDC

setteB.IT is reporting that, according to their sources, on March 6th the only iPhone software Apple will release will be a beta version of the software developer kit (SDK).

The final version of the SDK will debut on June 9th, when Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2008 is rumored to be held in San Francisco.

Full article (via Google Italian to English translation) here.


  1. This doesnt matter. Even if the SDK was released today there would be no applications for the iphone unless apple them selves has developed them. Developers need time to create the apps, while this might cause a slight delay if there are alot of bugs etc… the developers still need time with the SDK to create apps so we wouldnt see too many for a few months anyway.

  2. all the SDK being in beta for a few months means is that when the final comes out it will be a quick recompile to make the apps final.

    the question is, will the beta allow apps to be installed on real phones, or just tested in a virtual phone?

  3. Oh god, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!

    When is the last time someone released a cell phone like this?
    Oh that’s right, never.

    So Apple has got to be sure it is just right, if not you end up with something like Windows.

    I don’t want a train wreck on my phone.

  4. Calm down! Apple’s betas are far better than some companies Gold masters!

    Think BootCamp, Bento, OS X beta, Safari 3 beta, etc.

    If only some other companies final products were as good as these.

    It’s a new platform and a huge learning curve for everyone.

  5. Kiss the other smart phones goodbye. Apple’s developers will find at least one jillion ways to put it to use, pumping eventual sales, globally. If the timing is true, the difference between a solid beta release and a final is minimal and the developers can proceed now. In fact, undoubtedly many NDA bound developers probably have been working on applications already.

  6. a plan is not a promise but a goal….they planned to get the sdk out in february.. wether that be beta or not… and if rumor is true.. OMG they were off by 6 days!!!

    <runs in circles frantically like a chicken with it’s head cut off>

    Big deal we have to wait until june for a final IF that is true. I’m holding out for the 3G iphone and for my verizon contract to end so I can put an iphone on my company account and enjoy the free use of my phone 😀

    Who knows what will happen by june, they may even release a new version of the phone with more memory or perhaps a built in web cam or ability to record videos.. I think some people need to sit back and relax and enjoy kick ass products being released by apple once again and watch the downfall of microsoft take place

    So if the final isn’t out by june then I guess….it is the end of the world as we know it……. and I feel fine!

  7. People have been using safari in beta, and used boot camp in beta. Not a big deal. Basically people call their first versions of anything betas these days since they dont want to take crap for bugs it is bound to have being a first rev.

  8. I don’t mind. What I’m hoping for is that Apple has some applications of their own that we can download through iTunes starting March 6th. That would keep me satisfied for the time being.

    If not, I’m going to be quite a bit upset. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

  9. The ongoing exclusion of Apple’s own iChat leads me to believe that there will be some disappointment when the SDK arrives due to some limitations on the features they will make accessible. It may have to do with contractual agreements (not to subvert the cell carriers) but it’s perhaps the most requested app and I can’t see Apple providing that feature to third parties while not using those features themselves. It will be interesting to watch what happens.

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