Apple iPhone hack adds vibration feedback for virtual key presses

“The University of Glasgow has unveiled an iPhone hack that provides vibration feedback when a virtual key is pressed, simulating the effect of typing on a real keyboard. The patch enables what the University calls haptic feedback, which researchers say can help improve typing speeds, while simultaneously reducing errors. The hack is available from the University’s Google Code page, requiring a jailbroken 1.1.3 iPhone,” MacNN reports.

“The current modification uses a 70-millisecond, 170Hz pulse with the built-in vibration motor to simulate pressing the key, while a 50-millisecond, 100Hz pulse imitates the key raising when the finger leaves the touch surface,” MacNN reports.

More info and link here.


  1. @Sure –

    You’re joking about how often people type on the iPhone, right? It’s not like it’s my main keyboard, but I write e-mails all the time, not to mention notes to myself when I’m on the road.

    The keyboard ain’t perfect, but I like it a lot better than my old Treo, or any other phone I’ve tried (except for early versions of the Sidekick, but that phone had so many other problems it doesn’t make up for it).

  2. “That, with the my location feature in Maps will definitely be useful.”

    Absolutely. Too many times after a tequila binge I’ve awakened on a beach somewhere, naked, a little sore and sporting a new tattoo.

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