RUMOR: Apple to refresh notebook lineups in June with Intel’s Centrino 2 processors

“You could set your clock to Intel’s mobile platform roadmap. For the last three years, the company announced its new processor lineup in January, followed by a chipset and processor refresh in June,” Brandon Hill and Kristopher Kubicki report for DailyTech.

“The June refresh includes new Penryn-based processors boasting a 1066MHz front-side bus and new motherboard core logic. Together, the chips will form the Montevina Centrino 2 and Centrino 2 vPro platforms,” Hill and Kubicki report.

“The processors… are lumped into Intel’s ‘Performance Small Form Factor’ segment and feature a TDP of 25W at the high end for the SP9400 and continually fall until we reach rock bottom with the U3300 which touts a TDP of 5.5W,” Hill and Kubicki report. “An Intel engineer hinted to DailyTech that the U3300 will be reserved for the ‘slimmest of slim’ notebooks and tablets. By comparison, the 1.6 and 1.8 GHz processor found in the MacBook Air has a rating of 20W TDP. The same Intel engineer, speaking on conditions of anonymity, detailed that all of these small form factor processors will find their way into Apple and PC mobile products — as indicated by other Intel representatives in previous interviews.”

“Apple yesterday launched revised MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks that incorporate Intel’s first run of Penryn processors. Apple insiders confirmed the company will refresh its notebook lineups in June, which comes as no surprise since all Centrino partners indicated they will announce notebooks based on the new Montevina Centrino 2,” Hill and Kubicki report.

Many more details in the full article here.


  1. Those new Intel chips are supposed to have Wimax embedded in them. I wonder if Apple will allow that in there laptops. Or will apple make you pay some money to be able to activate the wimax chip. Or maybe apple just won’t tell you and that wimax chip will sit and do nothing, and you’ll have to buy an express card or usb to get on wimax….

  2. @ Not Bill “Something new and better is always on the horizon.”

    that’s for sure. but buying a macbook pro (same formfactor now for about 3 years) a few month before the shiny, ultrasexy, ultrapowerful NEW formfactor macbook pro comes out could make you cry the day they arrive at an apple store near you (which means not here in berlin)

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