Apple shares pop as COO reiterates company on track to hit sales goal of 10 million iPhones in 2008

During his Goldman Sachs Technology Investment Symposium presentation today, Apple Inc. Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook reiterated to investors that the company is on track to hit its sales goal of 10 million iPhones this year.

As in Apple’s conference call covering last quarter’s record financial results, Mr. Cook said the company had “really good confidence” that Apple would meet their iPhone sales target in calendar 2008.

Shares of Apple Inc. closed up $4.28, or 3.48%, at $127.24 in extended trading after closing the regular session up $3.81, or 3.20%, at $122.96.

Surely somewhere deep within the bowels of Bernstein Research, so-called analyst Toni Sacconaghi weeps.


  1. Scrounged and bought 15 more shares at $121.1!! It’s amazing how being in low with a few new shares makes me excited for the tiny rise. Before I was so bummed at having ridden the slide aaaaaall the waaaaay down that nothing below $155 would have make me happy (regaining 50% of the paper loss).

  2. All you chowderheads who don’t get it… but NOW… unless you are waiting to buy the bling. There is an old adage: buy low – hold it – hold it – hold it hold it – when it drops (as it always will) – buy more – buy more buy more – when it peaks – hold it- hold it – hold it – hold it – when it rises again (and it always will when the fundamentals are there) hold it hold it hold it…

    I bought at 15.79 – 10,000 shares… I am stoked and happy and yes, very pleased with the additional shares I have purchased since…

    Weep on…

  3. Truly, pastrychef. It’s so odd, did people really think the iPhone is failing? They’re popping up everywhere, and even unlocked iPhones are bringing revenue into the mothership.

    Plus, there’s all this talk of “market saturation” with iPods, but most everyone I know replaces their old iPods with new iPods, not with a Zune.

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