New Apple MacBook Pro models found in Apple, Best Buy inventory systems

“The seemingly endless wait for a new line of professional notebooks from Mac maker Apple Inc. appears to be nearing an end, with part numbers and pricing for new MacBook Pro models cropping up in inventory systems worldwide over the weekend,” AppleInsider reports.

“Three new Apple-formatted part numbers — MB402LL/A, MB403LL/A, and MB404LL/A — have turned up in inventory management systems of both Apple and its channel resellers such as Best Buy,” AppleInsider reports.

“The part numbers, listed for future MacBook Pros models, were included alongside pricing that matches Apple’s current offerings at $1999.00, $2499.00 and $2799.00, respectively, for those part numbers,” AppleInsider reports.

“In addition to Intel’s latest Core 2 Duo Penryn mobile processors scaling up to 2.6GHz, the new Apple professional notebooks are also expected to gain an advanced multi-touch trackpad akin to the one which recently made its debut on the MacBook Air,” AppleInsider reports.

An announcement could come as early as tomorrow, AppleInsider reports. Full article here.


  1. AppleInsider published their article after MacRumors did. AI didn’t even give any mention about MR reporting it first. No credit was given to MR … just another example of the losers over at AI.

    Overall, I’m sick and tired of AI. They manipulate stories so they can get more traffic and they work behind the scenes to get their stories into the “popular” ranks on Digg.

    Ever notice how soon after AI publishes an article on Digg, it quickly gets a lot of Diggs. If you look at their Digg history and the people digging their stories, many of the same users show up.

  2. It’s the wait for a weight reduction that’s possibly over…. It’s likely to be mostly speed bumps only and perhaps a larger trackpad for multi-touch…. oh, and that new brighter screen like we have seen in the MBA… and maybe a few ounces lighter. Update, not replacement. So is it really a big deal?

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