Jon Stewart gives Apple free iPhone promo during the Oscars

Jon Stewart enjoyed Lawrence of Arabia on the Oscar stage last night on his Apple iPhone.

“If you missed it, we won’t spoil the joke for you. But even after Stewart’s cultural nod/low blow to the iPhone, [Apple CEO Steve Jobs] got the last laugh as he was thanked later during Pixar’s Best Animated Film acceptance speech,” Mark Wilson reports for Gizmodo. “PC fanboys, you just really can’t win.”

Watch the video via Gizmodo here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “iWill” for the heads up.]


  1. Settle down Apple fanboys, Jon was not, necessarily being complementary to the iPhone. He was referring to a comment that director David Lynch made a while back that watching a movie on a “little fscking screen” was ridiculous.

  2. Yea, but it was still an iPhone; he could have used any of the devices that will play movies. By using an iPhone, he bolstered its already glamours image… cuz who’s more glamorous that Jon Stewart?

    I agree with Lynch, though I’m still working my way through Inland Empire on a big screen.

  3. Doesn’t matter. The point is that the iPhone has quickly become an icon of all these type of devices. What company would kill to have their product thought of first in that category at such an event? I don’t think you’ll see a “ZUNE” at the Oscars. Maybe for the Darwin Awards, but Oscars?

  4. Looked cool that they zoomed in on the iPhone, so that you could see the mirrored Apple logo clearly.

    I bet the Oscar attendees got iPhones in their grab bag this year. In the past, they’ve gotten iPods.

  5. he was watching in portrait format at first which wouldn’t work for movies…he then rotated it to landscape and claimed widescreen
    so his execution was a little flawed
    regardless, jon stewart is classic

  6. TO: Apple Fan Boys — of which I am one of long and good standing.

    WAKE UP — Stewart’s reference was a huge dig . . . .

    not so much at the IPHONE but at the concept of watching movies on ANY small screen.

    We all love our toys and we all love Steve but let’s keep this all in perspective . . . .

    which is to say just cuz we CAN watch movies on our I PHONES doesn’t mean we SHOULD. .. . eh?

  7. The mistake people make when criticizing the notion of watching a movie on an iPhone or iPod Touch is that they don’t seem to understand that no one is doing this in lieu of watching movies in theaters or home theaters. They are doing it when they need to kill a little time and that is their only option. And when you’re holding it 12 to 18 inches away from your face, it is relationally pretty big.

    I’ve heard Michael Bay poke fun at watching movies like this. But I think that David Lean and Michael Bay both need to trouble themselves more with making movies worth watching, and leave it to others to decide how they’re going to watch them.

  8. You referenced director “David Lean”, and I think you meant director “David Lynch”.

    While David Lean was a wonderful director of wide screen epics, including “Lawrence of Arabia”, he’s unfortunately been dead since 1991.

    Other than that, I agree with all your other points.

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