Climb aboard the Time Machine (no, not that one) and see how Apple looks in 2010

“I took a trip to the future last month, and boy, was my flux capacitor tired,” Rick Aristotle Munarriz writes for The Motley Fool.

So, how does Apple look in 2010, just two short years from now?

Munarriz reports from the future, “As you probably expect, Apple continues to nibble away at the market share in the desktop and laptop computing space. Apple’s domestic market share has doubled to 12% by 2010, well ahead of when market-watchers like Gartner figured this would happen.”

“Apple is still the trendsetter when it comes to style, design, and pushing the technological envelope. There are actually MacBooks rolling out in 2010 that weigh less than those Air models that were all the rage in 2008,” Munarriz reports. “But these come with an optical drive to watch Blu-ray flicks or experience enhanced music CDs.”

MacDailyNews Take: Maybe Rick doesn’t have a time machine after all. Or he took a wrong turn and went backwards. Shiny spinning plastic discs are the past, not the future.

Munarriz continues, “Apple still easily hit its 10 million cumulative-unit sales mark by the end of 2008, with the vast majority of those iPhones going to happy AT&T converts. Apple just got smarter about it. It eventually bumped the price up to $599, with an instant $200 rebate on sales tied to AT&T two-year contracts.”

“Apple is still the leading player — by far — in digital music players. But the market’s not as big as it used to be. Cell phones — including Apple’s own iPhone — and smaller portable computers helped eliminate the need for toting around two costly trinket,” Munarriz reports.

Full article, in which Munarriz proves once and for all that he’s incapable of time travel by claiming that “even the second incarnation of Apple TV proved fruitless,” here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]


  1. AppleTV is not going to replace Blu-Ray for aficionados, just as MP3 is not going to replace CD’s (or DVD-A for real sound quality) for those same aficionados. AppleTV cannot deliver 1080p, the “extras”, and the 7.1 sound of Blu-Ray. In the future, it might, but we’ll be onto the third or fourth generation of Blu-Ray. I understand the need for MP3’s and AppleTV, and I have both. But I also like very high quality music and video, and i always will.

  2. @ ralph from berlin

    I think we all get it, you are very unhappy with the lack of rentals in the itunes music store. Move on, quit your crying and find something new to bitch about.

    Quick history lesson now. When the itunes music store first launched it was designated as a failure. Anyone remember why? I do, lack of content. It is now the largest most successful online music store. It was not a failure after all. Does this mean Apple TV is going to be successful? No, but you do have to start somewhere right?

    Please Ralph, find something new to whine about.

  3. Rick M of MotleyFool may not have a very clear crystal ball, but then again, he’s not a tech pundit. He’s an investment fundamentalist, and he likes Apple, and has for a few years now.

  4. > But these come with an optical drive to watch Blu-ray flicks or experience enhanced music CDs.”

    During those two years, Apple must have invented the technology that makes the inside of something larger than outside. Imagine the possibilities…

  5. @ ken1w:
    What?!! It is there in the future, and the past for that matter.
    I saw it on the BBC— Dr. Who i believe he’s named, has one!
    Except the new mac pro might have to look like a police call box?

  6. Davsot is right. The fact that Apple is not pushing Blu-Ray does not have to mean that we all like lemmings start claiming that the movies rented through the iTunes store are superior. Why? Simply because they aren’t. Blu-ray delivers much better video and audio. Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience of renting movies though my Apple TV, but I will continue buying my all time favourite movies and for that, Blu-Ray currently represents, by far, the state-of-the-art.

  7. Biggest Apple fan but, the iPhone sux, sorry to say…

    Saw a guy, like I was, had to have the “latest Apple toy”.

    Well I told him flat out that I was a over 20 year Apple veteran and found the iPhone to be a functionally failure of a device.

    The laptop was much much more superior as a internet device and he made the point that you can’t carry a laptop in your pocket.

    I rebutted that I have a SUV that has no problem carrying 7 other people and towing over 5 tons at the same time, a laptop wasn’t going to hurt it none. So basically the iPhone was only good for cities or other places where walking and carrying a laptop case would be a chore.

    Then I mentioned how tiny the screen is when he cursed himself as he hit a wrong link and had to wait a few minutes to get back to the previous page over a SLOW GODDAM 2G NETWORK.

    Then I said how much I love my full sized keyboard, he responded he had several laptops. I mentioned can he run Javascript on the iPhone?


    Now if the iPhone had a full sized keyboard and a pair of those video goggles…


  8. Now if the iPhone had a full sized keyboard

    eMate 2.0? How about with built-in wireless/wifi and a bluetooth headset for taking calls?

    Then again the future has surprised us before. Still fun to go back and see the predictions from 1993. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  9. and a pair of those video goggles…

    Funny nobody’s been able to turn regular reading glasses into video screens. At least until volumetric displays, viewable only by the user, are developed. The bug-eye goggles gotta be shrunk a bit more if they’re gonna go mainstream.

    Hmm maybe this is one area Apple could put part of that $18 billion into…

  10. The iPhone is a phone with some unique capabilities. It’s a phone. With capabilities. A phone. A phone. A Phone.

    When I’m traveling to new cities on foot, I don’t want a laptop. I want a phone with capabilities. Of course a laptop has more capabilities– it’s not a phone.

    See where I’m going with this, Mac Maniac? They are not the same thing. Your rebuttal about your SUV really makes no sense. You could fit a desktop in an SUV, too– maybe even a nice mainframe computer, definitely a rack. That would have more power than a laptop and you could tow a trailer.

    I guess laptops suck, sorry.

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