Why has Apple historically had such a difficult time selling the superior Mac to the masses?

“Macs and PCs have similar capabilities, but asking a Mac user to switch to a PC or asking a PC user to switch to a Mac is almost like asking someone to move to another country,” Senitra Horbrook blogs for South Jersey News Online.

“‘You have two different camps. You have a lot of people who are PC folks that do a lot of programming and would like to have more control over the operating system, be able to tweak it more,’ said Neil Toporski, director of instructional technology at Rowan University,” Horbrook reports. “‘With a Mac, it just works. You don’t have to worry about reconfiguring operations inside a Mac. A PC person would find a Macintosh frustrating. It’s not that customizable.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s Mac OS X is certified UNIX. It is MORE customizable than Windows. Changing cursor shapes and colors and similar garbage is what Windows sufferers do to distract themselves from the dreck to which they’ve subjected themselves and/or to kill time while waiting for their AV software to waste some more of their processor cycles. Second-rate reporters working for third-rate media properties should stop quoting fourth-rate IT people if they want to move up in the world. Frustrated Windows sufferers who’ve switched to Apple Macintosh find it to be extremely liberating; the only thing they’re frustrated with is the realization of all the time and money they’ve wasted with Windows.

Horbrook continues, “The most noticeable difference between a Mac and a PC is the operating systems, which are different in the look and feel, in the interface themselves, how you operate the computer and how you access software and different files. ‘Mac uses OS X. The newest version is Leopard, which sells for $129 if upgrading,’ Toporski said. ‘The PC comes with Vista that comes in several flavors — ultimate, premium, business, basic.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Mac OS X Leopard sells for $129 even if you’re not upgrading. Miss Ignorance Peddler could’ve gotten better information by just making it up. And PCs don’t all come with Vista. Because it sucks. In fact, Vista is so bad, some Windows sufferers and many of the PC box assemblers long ago demanded that the ancient XP be installed instead.

The full amateurish, ignorant article – which, if you extrapolate, goes a long way towards explaining why Apple has historically had such a difficult time selling a vastly superior product to the masses – Think Before You Click™ – is here. (South Jersey News Online requires registration in order to comment on article.)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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We can’t ship junk. There are thresholds we can’t cross because of who we are. The difference is, we don’t offer stripped-down, lousy products.Apple CEO Steve Jobs, August 7, 2007


  1. “is almost like asking someone to move to another country,” Senitra Horbrook writes for South Jersey News Online.”

    Sorry, but New Jersey IS another country – one filled with slutty bleached blondes, clueless drivers, and people who are physically and mentally incapable of making left-hand turns.

  2. Ultimately, as much as anything else it’s the fact that by and large people are idiots.

    It’s not just in respect of computers, we’re all guilty of it to some degree. We all buy crap we don’t need, eat food we shouldn’t, drink too much, etc.

  3. More people have Windows PCs owing to Apple immense failure with Lisa. This single event launched the Windows-based PC as the computer of choice as Apple struggled to regain lost ground. It has been the same story ever since.

  4. MDN. Please fix the link to the article. It only points to MDN.

    ALSO, Please consider noting if the site that an article resides at will allow comment. If I cannot comment, I usually do not want to go there. Why bother? But if I can comment, I may want to comment to the author vs their article.

    Happy Friday.


  5. @wannabe,
    What are you talking about??? You can buy Leopard and install it on machines that didn’t come with it originally. The price is $129 whether you are upgrading from another version of OS X or even OS 9 or earlier.

    Her statement in the article is just pure sloppy journalism.

  6. I believe it is the price of Macs compared to PCs. Some folks are not wanting to spend a $1000 when they can get a PC for much less. Added to all the compatibility and no software lies it makes folks scared to spend so much on a Mac.

  7. Why has Apple historically had such a difficult time selling the superior Mac to the masses?

    The MAC doesn’t support the Zune. These days that’s the main reason people don’t buy MACs. Microsoft’s ubiquitous music player combined with Zune Marketplace gives users a hassle-free experience syncing the world’s number one music player with their beloved WMA content. Apple, take notes. And Vista is just like a MAC.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  8. Windows users want to be able to tinker around with how their interface looks because they want to make it look more like a Mac. Go figure.

    And … YES … even on the Mac there are hacks that allow people to adjust how their interface looks. More Dinosaur and Saber Tooth Tiger arguments! UGH!

    MDN Magic Word: clearly … as in “Clearly this boob didn’t do any real research before sitting down to write.”

  9. @Cubert,

    I think you are describing southern New Jersey, pretty much everywhere from Newark, south. Bergen County and north are mostly ok except for a town here and there. I say this as someone who grew up there and turned out just fine thanks very much. Also, drivers in MA where I live now are far, far worse for the most part. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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