Rogue Amoeba releases Airfoil 3.1 with Apple TV 2.0 support

Rogue Amoeba has released Airfoil 3.1. Airfoil is a tool for sending any audio to the AirPort Express, allowing you to send any audio to your AirPort Express units as well as other Macs running the complimentary Airfoil Speakers application. Airfoil 3.1 now provides full support for sending any audio to Apple TV 2.0.

Airfoil is the first and only third-party application to send audio to the Apple TV. Using Airfoil, you can send anything to the Apple TV, not just iTunes. Send audio from media players like QuickTime Player or RealPlayer, or web-based sources like Pandora,, XM and Sirius.

Airfoil for Mac 3.1 is a free update for all owners of Airfoil 3. New users can purchase Airfoil for Mac for US$25.

A free trial version of the software is available, so you can start streaming right now.

More info here.


  1. AirFoil is sooo cool! I use it every day to broadcast Sirius from a Mac Mini to an Airport Express to a Denon and Onkyo receivers in my media room, 7.1 surround there and to 4 rock speakers around my pool. The wife and I listen to Howard daily….

  2. It might be interesting to note that many online vendors are on backorder for the Apple TV 160GB or fast running out.
    I wanted to buy one with the previous software build, and therefore didn’t want to buy it from Apple directly. Amazon is currently on backorder. Tried their 3rd party partners, and almost all of them are out of stock or running low inventory and asking for premium with high shipping rates. is now offering the 40GB version only. MacMall is a joke with a $30 shipping charge or a mail in rebate for free shipping. Target and BestBuy are also out of stock. Anyway, the point is, I suspect that Apple TV is selling faster than many may realise. Maybe.

  3. aaww, Pandora. I miss Pandora so much. I think that 80-90% of my iTMS purchases were triggered by Pandora. Then they closed the service for non-US IPs. F’heads. :(((
    Honestly, Apple should integrate Pandora in iTunes. It would take radio listening (and purchases) to new heights. sucks royal donkeynuts compared.
    Anyway, to remain on topic, Airfoil has always been a joke. The latency is a tragedy.

  4. @ My 2 Cents
    “Why did Pandora stop service outside the US?

    If your outside the us It said on their site that basically they could not currently provide the service until content providers agreements had been sorted.

    It’s a shame.

    The usual story for all of us outside the US.

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