More blood on Apple iPod’s Click Wheel: Germany’s Maxfield files for bankruptcy

“The Düsseldorf consumer electronics manufacturer Maxfield GmbH filed for bankruptcy in the District Court in Düsseldorf,” Axel Postinett reports for Handelsblatt.

Postinett reports that after initial successes in the highly competitive and Apple-dominated market for digital music player with up to 12% market share in Germany, Maxfield’s sales fell ever further.

Maxfield’s planned expansion abroad failed as well as an entry into the mobile phone business, Postinett reports.

Postinett reports that Maxfield failed to deliver more goods to retailers or pay employees salaries, according to sources in Düsseldorf business circles.

Full article (via Google’s German to English translation) here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Andreas” for the heads up.]


  1. Sounds more like a ridiculously underfunded company run by idiots than a company that suffered death by iPod.

    With a rubbish business plan, no brand profile and no funding, they would probably have suffered death by Dell DJ Ditty!

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