“Please don’t take this post as an all-out lovefest for Apple (and it’s definitely not a hatefest for Microsoft, either). The two can co-exist peacefully if you let them, and if your routine supports it. I wasn’t ready to switch before now for a lot of reasons. This has been a long time coming.,” Chris Pirillo blogs.

Pirillo writes, “And before anybody jumps in and claims that you can achieve the same level of ‘happiness’ after installing 50+ third-party add-ons, plugins, extensions, and utilities to Windows… you simply don’t get it, and you probably never will. 

I can’t be alone, and I’m predicting that by the end of next year, even more people will choose (and use) Mac OS X over Windows Vista. I can’t open up the phone lines anymore without being inundated with calls that suggest such a tipping point.”

Pirillo writes, “As a power user, Mac OS X has far more to offer me in terms of tweak-ability and modularity. I learned that by trying it, not by guessing that it wasn’t possible.”

Pirillo writes, “And now, I’d like to challenge any Windows enthusiast to publish 50 Reasons to switch from Mac OS X to Microsoft Windows. ;)”

Full article, “50 Reasons to switch from Microsoft Windows to Apple’s Mac OS X,” here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Too Hot!” for the heads up.]