Sony PlayStation 3 tops Microsoft Xbox 360 in sales for first time; Nintendo Wii still leads

“Sony’s PlayStation 3 video-game console topped Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in U.S. unit sales for the first time in January, but the Redmond company said its sales were hurt by supply shortages,” Todd Bishop reports for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

MacDailyNews Take: Does it really matter what a company that will say anything says?

Bishop continues, “The PlayStation 3 sold 269,000 units for the month, according to statistics released by the NPD Group market research firm. That was just behind Nintendo’s Wii, which sold 274,000 units, NPD said. Microsoft sold 230,000 Xbox 360 consoles. ‘We certainly believe that this is an anomaly,’ said Microsoft spokesman David Dennis of the Xbox 360’s third-place finish.”

MacDailyNews Take: That’s also what they said when the space shuttle blew up.

Bishop continues, “Sony, in a statement, pointed to progress in areas including movie studios’ embrace of the Blu-ray next-generation DVD format, which the PS3 uses.”

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft, in stark contrast, sells HD DVD players for its third-place console which, we hear, you can get really, really cheap nowadays.

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  1. Good to see the Xbox 360 finally starts it’s trip down the ranks. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> I think the whole format war is certainly going to take its toll on it.

  2. I, myself own a PS3 – it’s pretty fantastic, actually. Anyways, a friend of mine, who I work with came over, and looked at it, and loved it too. He has since, bought a PS3, and SOLD his XBox 360, via eBay, when – and get this – it was shipped back to him from getting repaired. It had the 3 red lights of death!

    The PS3 is unbelievable…

  3. “… but the Redmond company said its sales were hurt by supply shortages,”

    Perhaps the Redmond company would have had more supply if XBOX 360 hadn’t been plagued with the Red Ring of Death which caused units needing replacements. :p

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