Correction: Apple’s MacBook Air multi-touch is not all software-based

Chris Foresman has updated Ars Technica’s article regarding their coverage of T3’s claim that MacBook Air’s multi-touch was 100% software based which would have meant that MacBook and MacBook Pro units could have be given extended multi-touch capabilities via a simple software update:

It appears as if the original article at T3 was likely taken down because it was incorrect. As we learned from the iFixit teardown of the MacBook Air, it makes use of the same dedicated multi-touch chip as the one found in the iPhone. We are unsure as to whether T3 misquoted an Apple spokesperson on this issue or whether PR was merely confused. Either way, we still believe that Apple plans to put larger multi-touch trackpads in its other Macs!

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Island Girl” for the heads up.]


  1. It probably still COULD be done. The track pad currently recognizes having two fingers on it moving (scrolling). But if they had dedicated chips that managed the movement then it would be harder to implement it. I am willing to bet the trackpad is capable, but right now they just have the software managing it in another piece of hardware. No big deal though, I can life without rotating my photos in a cool fashion.

  2. uh… My MacBook already has multi-touch input. I use the two finger scrolling and two finger right click all of the time. I don’t see how this is any different than what the Air has (besides the obvious that the Air can do more of the same things.)

  3. -MPC Guy
    “I tried the multi-touch MacBook Air and the feature didn’t seem like something that was necessary or useful.”

    Oh yeah !!! that’s right, Apple are just a bunch of Plonkers, they purposely go out of their way to issue the stupid and the unnecessary … err … no hang on, that would be you MPC Guy, you the Plonker of Plonkers.

    Aw-shucks, now I’ve gone n’ upset your lofty but one-sided ideals … AGAIN!

    Please feel free to reply – coz, I’m up for a laugh.

  4. since the leopard update, my G4 PowerBook now has the ability to right click by tapping the trackpad with 2 fingers. It definitly did not have this feature before leopard, because I remember thinking how cool this feature is on my MacBook.

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