Apple’s iPhone SDK to offer built-in simulator (and be delayed until WWDC)?

“When reverse engineering, it’s sometimes hard to figure out exactly what you’re looking at, and what it all means,” Erica Sadun reports for TUAW. “For example, the iPhone’s supported platforms include the following.”

Platforms = (M68, N82, simulator);
Platforms = (N45);

Sadun reports, “We know what the M68 platform is. It’s the iPhone. And we know what N45 is, the iPod touch. So what’s the N82? Could it be another member of the iPhone family? Perhaps. It’s hard to make that call without any more data — so rather than worry about N82, let’s consider the next entry: ‘simulator.'”

Sadun asks, “Does this indicate that the upcoming SDK may offer a Mac-based developer simulator, an ‘iPhone in a box?'”

Full article, including rumors of “big SDK delays — perhaps all the way to WWDC,” here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Patrice” for the heads up.]


  1. A delay would drop the stocks down to even lower level. Normally I do not mind delays from Apple, but the iPhone has so much untapped potential waiting to be unlocked by third party software developers, that I dread the thought of waiting till WWDC. Then waiting another 3 to 4 months for software releases.

    Keep fingers crossed folks and hope that the delay is just a rumor.

  2. “Even better would be to allow iPhone developers to run their apps on their own iPhone.”

    Agreed. I tend to dislike “simulators” and the like for developing code simply because things always end up working great in the simulator and then have some problem when running “live” and you end up with no way to debug it.

    That said, from what the rumour mill has spouted, you will be able to run your own apps on the iPhone, though you will have to go through some pain to get “permission” from Apple to do–probably via some sort of ADC mechanism.

  3. When you think about it, it’s obvious that there would be an iPhone / iPod touch simulator to facilitate testing. It would save a lot of time not to have to load a new app version into a real iPhone after every round of bug fixes. My questions is, how long will it take for some developer to create a hand-held device that runs the “simulator” as the “actual” interface, or to get it running on an existing Windows-based tablet device.

  4. Hasn’t anyone got the idea that this whole simulator
    implentation might point to some sort of “emulation”?
    Remember there’s gonna be a 3G iPhone update in let’s say june..
    it might see a processor update too, right?
    NEW INTEL PROCESSOR…ENTIRE SDK-PROGRAMS –>CONVERTABLE TO THE NEW PLATFORM with the help of a converter already built into the SDK.
    Maybe that’s behind it.

    just my 2 c.

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