Rogers ‘unlimited’ cellphone data services are anything but

“Rogers Communications Inc. has rolled out ‘unlimited’ data services for cellphones, but critics are saying the company’s plans are anything but,” CBC News reports.

“Toronto-based Rogers, Canada’s largest cellphone provider, quietly announced a plan last week that would allow ‘unlimited’ internet browsing on certain cellphones for $7 a month. The company also introduced a ‘Communicate Value’ pack for $20 that bundles the browsing with text messaging, voice mail and call display features,” CBC News reports.

“Both plans allow customers to browse whatever websites they want on their mobile phones, but prohibit them from using certain applications — such as Google Maps or Skype — that are not approved by Rogers. The plans also do not apply to PDAs or smartphones such as BlackBerry devices and do not cover e-mail, which incurs extra charges. Customers with either of the plans also cannot connect their cellphone to a computer and use it as a modem,” CBC News reports.

“Critics said the plans were Rogers’ latest attempt to confuse customers, this time by misrepresenting the word ‘unlimited,'” CBC News reports. “‘What appears to be a good deal on the surface comes with some serious caveats,’ wrote Marc Lostracco, assistant editor of the Torontoist website. ‘Customers need to remember that a company calling something ‘unlimited’ doesn’t actually make it so.'”

“Internet chat rooms have been agog over the past week with speculation that the new, lower rates are paving the way for the launch of the iPhone by Rogers,” CBC News reports. “The company has in the past declined to comment on when or if it would offer the iPhone. Hamilton reiterated there was nothing new to say about the iPhone.”

CBC News reports, “Critics said the new rates are still a long way from those being offered by iPhone carriers elsewhere. ‘For the company to offer a plan that is palatable to iPhone users — and, by proxy, all customers who use internet-capable devices — they will have to offer true unlimited data access,’ Lostracco said.”

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How did you Canucks ever allow this Brawndo Rogers company to get so out of control?

Hopefully, Apple will soon cure the insanity of Canada’s outrageous mobile phone rates.


  1. As a Canadian using Rogers, i know this BS all to well… Compared to the US and even most “Third World Countries” we have a sad state of affairs for mobile phone providers and plans. But rogers will soon smarten up if they want the iPhone in Canada, being the only major cell provider that spans from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

    Time for rogers to come into the 21st century and smarten the hell up eh’?

  2. Similar to Microsoft, Rogers is another company that suffers greatly from the rot spreading internally (and externally). Apple would do a huge disservice to Canadian customers by releasing the iPhone to Rogers, at least under Rogers’ current business operating procedures. If Rogers’ does not change it’s business practices, we should not support purchasing and using Apple’s iPhone on their network.

  3. Rogers will never sell iPhones. They are too greedy.

    Apple’s 3G iPhone, coming out this year, will work on every other cell carrier in Canada. Apple will be able to pit the two cell giants, Bell and Telus, against each other.

    You have 2 major players who can affiliate with the 3 minor regional players and command a nation wide 3G system. With Telus and Bell competing you have the incentives necessary to give Apple the deal Apple needs.

    The 3G iPhone will come to Canada this fall and Telus will probably be the one willing to change the most in order to get the exclusive contract.

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