PC Magazine reviews Apple Mac mini: ‘Worth putting on your short list’

“The Apple Mac mini has been around in one form or another for almost three years, and while the internal components have changed, the general concept and overall design has stayed the same. Pricing starts at $599, but the one we looked at is the upgraded 2-GHz $799 model. It’s one of the forerunners of the green PC, having gone through several generations of substituting energy-efficient notebook-class components for desktop parts since the G4-powered Mac minis of early 2005. The Mac mini has been the lower-priced, entry-level Mac, but now that it’s equipped with the Core 2 Duo processors, it is as powerful as a larger desktop while retaining its power (and space) savings,” Joel Santo Domingo reports in a review dated today for PC Magazine. “The Apple Mac mini appeals to both space-constrained and green-thinking PC users.”

“Compared with [PC] systems… the Mac mini is much smaller and has the benefit of being both a Mac OS X and a Windows PC,” Santo Domingo reports.

“The Apple Mac mini continues to be an energy-efficient computer as well as a design statement. It’s an attractive alternative to Windows Vista PCs, even those with small form factors, since it’s a visual, technological, and spiritual match for the iPods in millions of pockets worldwide. It’s worth putting on your short list,” Santo Domingo reports.

Full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: Stay tuned for next week when PC magazine will grab another random, long-ago-updated Apple product off the shelf for review. Hey, on the bright side, at least they bothered to review it!


  1. I’m with inWaiting. I’ve been waiting for 802.11n and GMA X3100 graphics for what seems like an eternity now. In my mind, thats really the last thing keeping it from becoming a totally boss HTPC solution.

  2. Apple’s “little kid” is often overlooked, but I still believe it’s a remarkable piece of engineering and design. It’s beautiful, small, perfect for most users… I don’t know. I don’t have enough word to highlight how much I like the Mac Mini.

  3. I have mac mini just a core dual 1.66 and runs window better than my two year old dell xps. I did have some problems with speed using parallel but change to fusion really rock and also run under leopard with boot camp with about the same speed, for those who want to know parallel has to many issues speed and slow also slow fixing problem and will have you change many setup options but they only help a little. More people who do not need ichat should start looking at the mini I the expensive pc and only use them for a tivo backup.

  4. “It’s worth putting on your short list”?

    It’s actually on my long list of pricey, pretentious and proprietary Apple gear NOT to buy. Hey Apple, have you ever heard of beige? Worse, the mini looks like the power brick for my Dell Ditty charger. Fugly. How about this little puppy powered by magnificent Microsoft Vista Home Premium with Media Center? Freakin’ sweet! You can put the MAC Mini on the endangered species list.

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