RUMOR: Apple to hold special event during last week of February

“TUAW has received a tip that the company that does television for Apple’s live events and Macworld is apparently hiring for an unannounced Apple event at the end of February,” Mike Schramm reports for TUAW.

Schramm asks, “Considering that we’ve got our ultraportable already, and our HD Apple TV, what big news are we possibly hoping to hear in ‘the end of February?'”

Full article here.


  1. Apple TV (HD) is one thing . . . but where is the whole monty? Even beleaguered Dull makes a huge widescreen TV (doesn’t it?), so where is Apple’s? More TV’s will be sold this year than any other in history (as we all upgrade to digital), so isn’t a 42″ from Apple the logical product release?

  2. I’m with Mac_Atty – OSX on generic PCs. Why?

    At the start of the Macworld conference, before Steve Jobs’ keynote, they showed a Mac & PC commercial where Mac asks PC at the end of the clip what he’ll be doing in the next year?
    PC says everything that Mac’s been doing.

    Now I realise that that could be Apples latest joke at M$’s expense, ridiculing their attempts to copy OSX (and failing miserably); or is it a subtle clue as to future plans to license OSX to the ‘other’ PC vendors?

    Everyone agrees Vistas’ a steaming pile of crap – wouldn’t the timing be perfect for Apple to get all the other PC manufacturers to jump ship and pre-install the Mac OS on their boxes? (Even if it’s only offered as an option?

    Box-shi(f)ter: “Do you want your PC to come with Vista or OSX?”
    AverageJoe : “Humm, let me think about that for a nano-second… OSX!”

  3. @Barts

    No-it wouldn’t.

    Just scan Dell, Compaq, Acer websites.

    Can you imagine Jobs allowing his pride and joy to be licensed on those obnoxiously ugly hunks of plastic and cheap looking fuax metallic trim?

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