RUMOR: Apple to hold special event during last week of February

“TUAW has received a tip that the company that does television for Apple’s live events and Macworld is apparently hiring for an unannounced Apple event at the end of February,” Mike Schramm reports for TUAW.

Schramm asks, “Considering that we’ve got our ultraportable already, and our HD Apple TV, what big news are we possibly hoping to hear in ‘the end of February?'”

Full article here.


  1. “Heck, all us Apple fans have lost so much money on Apple stock in the last month or so we can´t afford to buy any Apple products.”

    really? you must not understand the whole “buy low sell high” thing….

    this is the time to buy, not when it was $200, and in 6-9 months it will be back up there….

    …and about xmas it will be time to sell again.

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