FCC approves 12MHz spectrum purchase deal by AT&T; U.S. iPhone to get nationwide WiFi?

“The US Federal Communications Commission has approved the purchase by AT&T of 12MHz of wireless spectrum that covers 60% of the US,” Grant Gross reports for Macworld UK.

“AT&T bought the spectrum from Aloha Spectrum Holdings. The spectrum, in the highly coveted 700MHz band, covers 196 million of the 303 million US residents and includes 72 of the top 100 media markets in the country. Aloha acquired the spectrum in earlier FCC auctions and from other auction winners,” Gross reports. “This portion of the 700MHz spectrum is not part of the FCC auction now in progress.”

“The 700MHz spectrum band carries wireless signals three to four times farther than some higher spectrum bands, making it optimal for long-range broadband networks. This is raising speculation that Apple and At&T could be implementing nationwide WiFi rather than 3G,” Gross reports.

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Adam W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Oh good

    I was looking for a excuse to put off a iPhone/iPod Touch purchase, now I have it.

    Got to remember, US is in a recession and we just no longer can buy every iPhone/iPod Touch upgrade like we did iPods.

    My landlord is bleeding me try, because he’s in debt past his eyeballs. He keeps trying to invite himself to dinner…

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