Apple debuts new iPhone ad (with video)

Apple has debuted a new iPhone ad online which showcases the convenience of having the Internet in your pocket, in this case during a ski trip.

Apple’s “The Great Thing” iPhone ad:

Direct link via YouTube:

See the new ad in higher quality and with a choice of sizes via Apple here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Richard” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: That frozen, unmoving hand gives us the creeps.


  1. Keep it coming Apple. I dare those wannabe iPhone who brags about having a “touch screen” do these kinds of ads. Instead they just go yada yada yad yada yada and flashy video, graphics and fake imagery. iPhone ads are right there at their face. Must really piss off those guys. LOL

  2. Mr. Reeee

    I was there last August, so I didn’t do any skiing.

    I did go to see John Edwards speak at the Aspen Institute and also to a Walter Isaacson book signing/Q&A;that were both very eye opening.

    It was also before the reduction in the iPhone price, so I didn’t have that either.

  3. SJ has figured out how to get everyone walking around with a pocket computer. He just brought it out with everything disabled except playing audio and is slowly adding capabilities. Amazing, the man has a 20 year plan for technology and is taking the world with him. Genius.

  4. “Witnesses said McWethy, 61, was skiing fast on an intermediate trail when he missed a turn and slid chest-first into the tree shortly after 10 a.m., Coroner Joanne L. Richardson said.

    She said he died of blunt force chest injuries.”

    What a terrible way to go. My prayers are with his family.

  5. Those who live in cold climates probably already know this, but being from Southern California, I need to be reminded occasionally.

    I took my iPhone along while skiing. Temperature was around freezing, and I had it in an outside pocket – the touch screen was less than responsive. After a few minutes in a warmer pocket inside the my jacket, it worked just fine. Made a call, took some pictures…. the thing could use a lanyard so you don’t freak out about dropping it while on a lift!

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