Apple debuts two new iPhone ads (with video)

Apple has debuted two new iPhone ads online which each showcase iPhone’s Safari Web browser capabilities.

One of the ads is focused on the popular social networking service Facebook. The ad displays how it is convenient to keep in touch with their Facebook friends even when you are away from a “computer.”

Apple’s “Facebook” iPhone ad:

Direct link via YouTube:

The other new ad is based on car buying. The ad displays how powerful it can be to have the internet at your disposal when dealing with a car salesman.

Apple’s “Cars” iPhone ad:

Direct link via YouTube:

See the new ads in higher quality and with a choice of sizes via Apple here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike in Helsinki” for the heads up.]


  1. both awesome. They show the power and possibilities of an internet on the go to regular people. This is what Apple is all about – technology you can actually use, rather than technology that only geeks can kind of use.

  2. @ChrissyOne
    Wot like –
    “Blues In The Night” by Alvino Rey & His Orchestra
    “Blues In My Heart” The John Buzon Trio, Ultra-Lounge Volume 06

    That would be soooooooo funny.

    Look em’ up they “rock”, esp “Blues In My Heart”

  3. re: Both Lame, especially the internet/car ad.
    They look like they were written and produced by Donald Trumps Apprentices.

    That’s the whole point!

    They are supposed to be real life experiences with real people NOT a scripted monologue with trained actors.

    These monologues are customer testimonials, which is a mechanism most businesses use at some point in to market something.

    My company uses testimonials in all our marketing and they are a proven marketing tactic that works.

    Now do you understand the concept behind the campaign??… real people that people can relate to enforces the desirability message and creates a positive emotional response (e.g. iPhones get sold).

  4. “Although honestly the car one is stretching it a bit.”

    I went shopping recently for a high-def LCD TV. I showed the store manager a lower price for the same model set from a competitor on my iPhone in the store. He matched the lower price on the spot.

  5. @C1 “It’s really time for new music, Apple. We all know how the iPhone works now. Give it some sex.”

    I vote for “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love” by Barry White. Just the first 16 bars of intro would be enough. “I’ve heard people say, that too much of a good thing ain’t good for ya baby. I don’t know about that..” Classic.

  6. Maybe they should show the phones trying to access this using the ATT EDGE network instead of WiFi. How dow I know the phone in the comercial ISN’T using the ATT EDGE Network? Because if it was, the commercial would have to be 6 minutes long. I just ran through the same steps as the commercial (they left out a few) and it took 6 minutes to get to the car price. Usually when I am researching internet prices using my iPhone on Edge, I have to input the search item, then I am free to walk around the store…. and after a few minutes, the web page may have loaded. It is slower than dial-up. I was at a dinner party and about 10 of us all had iPhones. Someone wanted to check out my phone and he just laughed at how slow it was on EDGE. Very Humbling.

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