Ron Paul attracts most campaign contributions from U.S. tech employees

“While the U.S. electronics industry isn’t a major donor to U.S. presidential campaigns, generally preferring to focus its financial clout on congressional races, something unusual is happening this election cycle. According to early federal estimates, GOP hopeful Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, a libertarian, is attracting the most individual campaign contributions from employees of major U.S. high-tech companies,” George Leopold reports for EE Times.

“Based on available donor data, the Washington-based Center for Responsive Politics estimates that employees of Google Inc. and related political action committees are the top contributors to Paul’s long-shot presidential bid. As of Sept. 30, Google employees had contributed $22,250 to Paul, and Microsoft Corp. employees were the No. 4 overall contributor to Paul’s campaign, kicking in $12,863. Employees from Cisco Systems, Apple Inc. and Verizon have also contributed,” Leopold reports.

“According to the most recent figures released by the Federal Election Commission, Paul has raised almost $8.3 million, nearly all of it from individual contributors. According to commission totals, Paul raised more than $214,000 in contributions through the end of the third quarter from computer and network technology companies,” Leopold reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Yes, and it might get him all of 6 delegates.

    Unless Bloomberg drops into the race, I’m going to vote for a Democrat, but I really have a hard time seeing why seemingly intelligent people rally behind this guy when a close look at his policies reveal so many holes the New England Patriots could establish a solid running game against them.

    But toss in a few catch phrases like maverick Libertarian and everybody from right-wing military nuts to the legalize drugs crowd start acting like he’s our nations one hope for freedom.

    I respect him from speaking out against his own party for supporting the war in Iraq and their record of fiscal irresponsibility but that’s hardly enough to base a presidency on.

    You can’t be libertarian and anti-choice. It’s just not tenable.

    In any case, he has no shot at winning. Some of you guys sound like you don’t know that yet.

  2. John C, Randolph Yes, Switzerland is an isolationist country built on the proceeds from laundered money from drug smugglers, pornographers, Nazis, terrorist groups and the bank accounts of victims of the Holocaust.

    And while the official military stance is neutrality their soldiers are world famous for fighting for whatever side will pay the most money.

    Did you think they just made watches and hot chocolate?

  3. Ron Paul is a moron and an old fart who wouldn’t survive his term. No foreign leader would ever take this fool seriously so we stand no chance of fixing the mess Dubya is leaving behind. If this moron is so pro liberty then why the fsck does he dodge the abortion issue and say its the state’s problem to solve. That would never ever happen. If he truly was for people’s rights and liberty that issue would be a no brainer for him. Government has no right whatsoever to refuse a woman’s choice on birth.

  4. The reason Ron Paul is gaining attention is that there is no clear candidate on either party. Voters perceive serious flaws in each candidate and are confused. This is our only choice? That’s why Ron Paul has gained attention but he can’t win. There is no one candidate that can capture the people’s vote today. People are sick of Federal BS, Corporate BS, Energy BS, IRAQ, The Economy and the US waste of their tax dollars.

    This country needs a leader that basically says:
    1. No more foreign aid except in the situation of disasters. We have to reduce our debt and turn our economy around ASAP.
    2. Federal Personal Income Tax will be overhauled. A 14% rate will be assessed to everyone making under $94,000 per year.
    3. Military spending would be cut by 25% in two years.
    4. 100% Federal tax rebates for Solar or Wind energy production
    5. Cut the trade deficit by 50% in 6 years
    6. Medical Tort Reform
    7. A Comprehensive Federal Healthcare Program

  5. Let’s face it, Ron Paul is a fruitcake, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. The federal “War On Non-Prescription Drugs” (because that’s what it really is) should end, with states being responsible for substance law as with alcohol. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, even Law Enforcement Against Prohibition agrees.

    As far as the federal deficit is concerned, it was on the way to being eliminated by 2010 as of 2000, but Bush and the Republicans screwed that pooch real good. If you voted for Bush, you’re to blame.

    The Republicans’ dilemma is that they have no good candidates. The Democrats’ challenge is that they have two very good candidates, and it’s hard to decide which one to go with. McCain will probably be the Republican candidate, and he’ll go down like Bob Dole did in ’96.

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