Apple to open first retail store in China near Tiananmen Square

“The 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing (China) have taken years of preparation, including the planning and construction of an Apple store to open before the August 8th opening ceremonies. Now the location of the store has been revealed: Qianmen Street, an historic half-mile long avenue at the south end of Tiananmen Square that is undergoing an extensive $40 million renovation,” ifoAppleStore reports.

“According to architecture sources, Apple’s store will blend in with the Chinese architecture rather than use its standard storefront designs,” foAppleStore reports.

Full article here.


  1. Boo. I don’t like seeing Apple opening stores in China, especially one near Tiananmen Square. That is a repressive government that limits what it’s citizens can say and hear. (and please don’t whine that our government does the same. It’s not even close) The same people that bemoan the NSA scanning phone traffic for terror-related keywords, embrace and enable China, whose government does far more, and far worse as a daily practice. I guess Apple is lured by the potential of such a huge market, but most American companies have found that China holds more promise than it actually delivers.

  2. @Spark …. cool it. Same ole liberalspeak crap. Every company that wants to stay in the game is already in Beijing, and most famous international retailers of consumer goods is located in this particular area … ALREADY. I know the place.

    You have never been to China … once. But you are quick to start spouting nonsense.

    Get real. And Apple is going there, so if that doesn’t fit into your perfect world, then BUY FROM ANOTHER VENDOR.

  3. @Spark…

    Interesting feedback – from no one’s comments.
    Yes – the Chinese govt is repressive – and does not hide it.
    Yes – the US govt is repressive – and tries to hide it – which is worse?

    Which is worse – having limited freedoms -I have many friends in China who acclaim the new openness and freedoms and raised standard of living.


    having your freedoms stolen from you in the name of safety and protection – the same excuses that Germany used in the 30s?

    Your comment about the magnitude of the market in China and people not seeing it bemoans of someone who has not actually dealt with Chinese business. It is VERY real. And the Chinese pay their bills – on time! And the yuan is strong!

    I think that China will one day have at least 50 Apple stores.
    I hope.

    I am going to the Olympics and I hope I can see the Beijing Store. That would be sooooooo cool! Can you imagine a “Hello, I’m a Mac” T-shirt in Chinese!!!:


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