Sometimes You Can Make It On Your Own: U2 may dump music label

“I told you earlier this week that the Rolling Stones are looking at a deal with concert promoter Live Nation that would also cover the release of their CDs. The deal is similar to the one Madonna signed in 2007,” Roger Friedman reports for FOXNews.

“Now I’m told that at least two more big acts are in talks with Live Nation along similar lines. The most surprising of these is U2, which has spent its entire career on either Island Records or a company connected to it, Interscope. They are all part of the Universal Music Group,” Friedman reports. “The other artist I’m told is talking to Live Nation is Christian singer Michael W. Smith.”

“Times are changing quickly in what’s left of the music business, and U2 is said to be wanting out. If they go with Live Nation, their exit from UMG will be a blow to all, including Doug Morris and Jimmy Iovine, the group’s principal contacts,” Friedman reports.

“If U2 makes this kind of deal, along with the Stones and Madonna, soon all bets will be off at the majors over long term or heritage artists. The Eagles are already on their own through Wal-Mart, Paul McCartney, James Taylor, Carly Simon and Joni Mitchell have jumped to Starbucks’ Hear Music, and Radiohead deserted EMI for their own company,” Friedman reports.

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Do it, U2! If it finally drives that old, greedy, out-of-touch S.O.B. Doug Morris into belated retirement, so much the better.


  1. The music industry is imploding.

    That’s what they deserve for FSCKing people with 2 good songs on a $25 cd.


    Hello compensating the artists directly, which I’m sure everyone here is doing.

  2. Re: U2’s last hits, last album results:

    In Feb 2006, U2 won five Grammy Awards, including Song of the Year for “Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own” and Album of the Year for “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.”

  3. The music biz is changing.

    All the artists who are chained for life to the major record labels are all beginning to realise that yo dont need to have a record deal to sell music these days.

    Give it 10 years and all the massive labels will be gone.

    These days a band can sell more songs on the web than in a retail store.

    As long as the band has a website where you can buy songs and have their material on iTunes and all the other online music download stores they cant go wrong.

    Besides, bands make more money touring these days anyway.

  4. R2…

    Following on from FactChecker, HTDAAB was their last album which went to No.1 in every major market and has sold well in excess of 9 million copies globally.

    The tour that supported HTDAAB was, IIRC, in competition with The Rolling Stones for tickets grosses and earned the thick end of $390 million.

    When you earn that kind of money, you can afford to take a day off.

  5. Clearly, there are some people that don’t like U2. And there are those that like U2. And there are those who have never listened to U2 and don’t know if they like them or not.

    That is not relevant here. What’s relevant is that U2 is a global brand in popular music. It is an extremely successful band, with plans to leave Universal Music Group. This is important and all we can hope is that it brings many other popular contemporary bands along. Major labels need to lose their influence in the way music is created and distributed. Musicians seem to know this better.

  6. Flappo and the rest: Nut Jobs

    Seriously, not only has U2 made decades of good music (and hey, no matter who it is, some albums aren’t that good), and after many many years of trying to feed children in Africa and reduce 3rd world debt, you spew your crap at them? You’re IQ must only be in the single or double digits.

    For the record, Island Records and even Interscope aren’t that bad at all. This is a direct target at Universal. Kudos to U2.

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