Net Applications: Apple’s Mac OS share hit new all-time high of 7.57% in January 2008

Net Applications’ Operating System stats for January 2008 show Apple’s Mac hit a new all-time high with 7.57% share of the operating systems visiting Net Applications’ network of websites worldwide. The stats also show Apple iPhone with 0.13% share, up from 0.12% in December, and Apple iPod with 0.04%, up from 0.02% in December. The data is aggregated from 40,000 websites that are predominantly ecommerce or corporate sites.

Apple’s share of mobile devices is a rapidly-growing 0.17% (iPhone+iPod touch) which is now nearly triple that of Microsoft’s stagnant 0.06% (stuck at 0.06% since June 2007).

Net Applications’ January 2008 Operating System Stats:
Microsoft Windows: 91.46% (vs. DEC: 91.80%, JAN 07: 93.33%)
Apple Macintosh: 7.57% (vs. DEC: 7.30%, JAN 07: 6.22%)
Linux: 0.67% (vs. DEC: 0.63%, JAN: 0.35%)
Apple iPhone: 0.13%
Apple iPod: 0.04%
Playstation: 0.03%
Nintendo Wii: 0.01%
SunOS: 0.01%

Net Applications’ Operating System Market Share for January 2008:

Net Applications’ January 2008 Operating System Stats by Version:
Windows XP: 75.07%
Windows Vista: 11.96%
Mac (Intel): 4.31%
Mac (PPC): 3.26%
Windows 2000: 2.71%
Linux: 0.67%
Windows 98: 0.66%
Windows NT: 0.62%
Windows ME: 0.36%
Apple iPhone: 0.13%
Windows CE: 0.06%
iPod: 0.04%
Windows 95: 0.02%
PSP: 0.02%
Hiptop: 0.02%
Pike: 0.02%
Series60: 0.01%
SunOS: 0.01%
Web TV: 0.01%
Nintendo Wii: 0.01%
Unknown: 0.01%

Net Applications’ Apple Macintosh Stats for 2007:
JAN: 6.22% (Intel: 1.88%, PPC: 4.34%)
FEB: 6.38% (Intel: 2.09%, PPC: 4.29%)
MAR: 6.09% (Intel: 2.14%, PPC: 3.95%)
APR: 6.24% (Intel: 2.33%, PPC: 3.91%)
MAY: 6.48% (Intel: 2.52%, PPC: 3.96%)
JUN: 6.03% (Intel: 2.49%, PPC: 3.54%)
JUL: 5.99% (Intel: 2.62%, PPC: 3.37%)
AUG: 6.18% (Intel: 2.83%, PPC: 3.35%)
SEP: 6.63% (Intel: 3.24%, PPC: 3.39%)
OCT: 6.58% (Intel: 3.43%, PPC: 3.16%)
NOV: 6.80% (Intel: 3.59%, PPC: 3.22%)
DEC: 7.31% (Intel: 4.01%, PPC: 3.28%)

Net Applications’ Operating System Market Share Trend for Apple Macintosh for February 2006 to January 2008:

More details can be seen via Net Applications’ here.

MacDailyNews Note: As always, the actual percentage numbers are not as important as the trends shown since all “market share” reports have unique measurement sources. Net Applications, for example measures 40,000 corporate and ecommerce websites — how many of which are restricted to WIndows and/or IE, if any, we do not know. Again, what’s important is the trend (and consistent data points). The trend shows Apple’s Macintosh ascending.


  1. Who cares? Only worldwide share is relevant, and Apple need to keep that in mind… it’s only about 3%.

    The world is bigger than the US; You’ve got Europe, China, India, South America, a bit of Africa.

    Wake up Apple.

  2. The 20% figure is often suggested as the most desirable Mac share, and I agree. Much lower than that and we’re too easily dismissed or ignored. Higher than 20% and Apple might start to become Microsoftian.

  3. No matter..

    So long as only 20% of the 90% on Windows are very satisfied

    and 80% of the 8% on Mac are very satisfied.

    Let them toil in their unsatisfactory OS.

    Have pity and be magnanimous in victory.

  4. I think this simply shows that people are using Mac OS X more for websites,world wide. I know I dont trust my PC for this, since you may just end up at a pr0n site or something worse….

    What is interesting is that the iPhone may push web developers to make things like IE centric (or restricted) .. and that should hopefully lead away from proprietary standards, to open standards such as Java, which is pretty good now a days (when done right), html, xml … yeah html has been around awhile.

    I would guess Linux and Solaris users (admins?) have something better to do than surf the web ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    That said, you can get some good info on the intrawebs these days.

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