FDA: Apple iPods unlikely to interfere with heart pacemakers

“iPods are unlikely to interfere with heart pacemakers, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration researcher reported on Thursday,” Maggie Fox reports for Reuters.

“His tests of a variety of iPods showed they did not produce enough of an electromagnetic field to interfere with the devices,” Fox reports.

“FDA researcher Howard Bassen and colleagues set up a complex experiment using a saline-filled bag to simulate the human body and a coil sensor designed to pick up electromagnetic emissions,” Fox reports. “They measured the magnetic fields produced by four different iPod models: a fourth-generation iPod and an iPod with video, and an iPod nano and an iPod shuffle. They also measured the voltages delivered to the inside of the pacemaker by the magnetic fields from the iPods.”

Fox reports, “All their measurements indicated the iPods could not affect cardiac pacemakers, they reported in the journal BioMedical Engineering OnLine.”

Full article here.


  1. Now what about those idiots on the net that kept posting story after story about the dangers of the iPods. I think its time to hit them up and have them apologize for posting such articles that generated so much FUD and I’m sure caused some sales for iPods.

  2. Why not make it a little more realistic. Instead of using a bag of saline, try a bag of hot air named Dick Cheney.

    His ICD (implantable cardioverter-defibrillator) is close enough to a pacemaker to make it viable.

    Why put valuable saline at risk when we have something else that is totally expendable? Save The Saline!

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