Analyst Bajarin: Apple has another winner on its hands with MacBook Air

Technology analyst Tim Bajarin took his MacBook Air to an Apple store the weekend before it actually hit the market and found that the “reactions what I expected: Everyone commented on how light it was and how cool it looked.”

“Now, to be clear, I don’t think Apple ever believed that the MacBook Air would become its most popular notebook. Indeed, the product fits in the ultraportable segment of the notebook market, which represents only about 10 percent of notebooks shipped. However, a significant number of people travel a great deal and want lighter notebooks to lighten their load,” Bajarin writes.

“The MacBook Air is a significant new product in Apple’s line of computers, but its real importance lies in its ability to get people into the Apple store. On this point alone, Apple has another winner on its hands,” Bajarin writes.

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For his blog on Technology Pundits, Bajarin explains that the MacBook Air’s “greatest importance lies in the fact that it will cause hundreds of thousands of new customers to go into the Apple stores to see it first hand.”

Bajarin writes, “In fact, this is one of the underlying strategy for all of Apple’s ‘cool’ looking products. First step is creating a sleek, incredibly designed product. Second step is creating TV and print ads that show off its coolness. This of course causes people to not only lust after the new product, but also, since it is so cool looking, they want to see and touch it for themselves. This is where step three kicks in. The main place that they know they can see it is an Apple store and they will come in droves to check it out in person.”

Bajarin writes, “Of course, once you get into the Apple store you are dazzled by all of the other cool looking Mac’s, iPod’s, etc and are then drawn to check out the Mac UI and the neat apps that come with it. And once you see demo’s of things like iMovie, iPhoto, Garageband, etc, the big question of ‘should I switch’ is firmly planted in a customers mind.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jim” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: You have to touch and use the MacBook Air to really appreciate it. Photos and videos just don’t do it justice.


  1. Ooooh, it’s a MBA. It’s light. It’s cool. It will draw people into Apple store to gawk and point fingers. Welcome to the Apple freak show. Come to see the freak and stay to buy something else.

  2. It stands to reason that ‘niche’ products become more viable when a company has a larger marketshare. As marketshare grows, even a small percentage of a market equates to a significant number of units.

    The emergence of the Air likely represents the convergence of several factors including the necessary technology (CPU, X3100 graphics, 802.11n wireless) and the growth of the Mac (and portable Macs, in particular).

  3. The Air may not be for the majority of broke MDN readers who don’t travel much, but for me, a guy who went around the globe three times last year, the Air is awesome. It is the first real “portable”.

    I’ve got a Mac Pro driving a pair of 24″ monitors back at the office. A feather light MBA is just what I need when I’m out on the road.

  4. The MacBook Air is a significant new product in Apple’s line of computers, but its real importance lies in its ability to get people into the Apple store.
    Uhh … excuse me … isn’t that what I was saying just last week? Is this guy an MDN reader trolling for sharable word bites? Not that I wasn’t stating the obvious, or anything … but REALLY!

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