Apple’s iPhone ignores borders, spreads around globe

“We’ve heard the rumors that many iPhones are being used outside the officially sanctioned countries. So, we decided to check it out and surprise, surprise, it’s true. The iPhone has a presence in almost every country on earth,” Net Applications reports.

View Net Applications’ list of countries and the overall web-browsing usage share of the iPhone for each country here.

MacDailyNews Take: Who knew iPhones were so popular for Web browsing in Equatorial Guinea?

Related notes from Apple’s Q1 08 earnings conference call:
• Apple “very happy with all of the iPhone launches so far” (U.S., UK, France, Germany)
• 4 million iPhones to date; Apple “very happy with iPhone momentum”
• Apple sees iPhone unlocking as a “good problem to have” and is a sign of iPhone’s popularity
• “Significant” numbers of iPhones sold with intention to unlock, but Apple is unsure how to measure as activation sometimes waits for existing contracts to expire, etc.


  1. One has to laugh at the Apple hating analysts and pundits who spin this phenomenon into a huge negative for Apple — from “missing” iPhones to lost monthly revenue from the carriers.

    The stupidity and/or dishonesty in the analyst/pundit community is simply staggering. Fortunately, a few of them do get it.

  2. It is rumored that the iPhone should be available in Switzerland as per February 29. Costs: CHF 599 (USD 555) with a 2-year contract and CHF 999 (USD 925) without a contract. Switzerland is a good market for Apple. Apple’s market share in Switzerland is supposed to be 10 %.

  3. This makes me laugh !!!

    I’m from the Ivory Coast. I know people there who got the iPhone. One of them sent me an email from his iPhone just recently.

    I’m living in Canada. People got it here too.

    I’ve got family in South Africa. People got it there too.

    Dubai and even Middle East people also got it. I was told.

    I heard from some people in countries of West Africa, of East and North Africa, and also Philipinnes, China, India… just to name a few countries.

    Guys, that thing is all over the world. I don’t know if Apple know what they’re doing, but the unlocking movement is big.

    Even Africa got the iPhone !!!!

  4. Corrupt countries often have officials travelling with cash to offload, so I’m not surprised by that list at all. The fact that Finland doesn’t feature highly correlates with its low corruption levels…

  5. Yeah – it is quite widespread, no doubt. There is a guy in a video production house I work with who has TWO of his own, both unlocked. I think of all the unlocked and the FUD about the missing iPhone – too funny.
    Mines locked and am quite happy with it.

  6. @ One of those countries over there

    Yes, even Africa got it. But the way “Cote d’Ivoire” is french for “Ivory Coast”, my home country. Now let me tell you, we got it there. And people there are really really keen on new gadgets, just for the sake of being flashy, just like everywhere else.

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