Microsoft’s Windows Vista: Your Frustration. Our Fault.

“Microsoft released Windows Vista to the world one year ago with ads likening the new PC operating system to such awe-inspiring moments as the first American spaceflight and the fall of the Berlin Wall,” Todd Bishop reports for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “Charles Walling just wants it to work with his printer.”

Bishop reports, “The retired Seattle warehouseman has spent hours on the Dell tech support line, installed all the drivers and, yes, double-checked all the cords and plugs. No luck. The cause of the problem isn’t clear, but Walling knows one thing: The same printer worked with Windows Vista’s predecessor, Windows XP.

“‘You can see the frustration,’ Walling said this week, sitting at his desk after Windows Vista displayed an error message in response to an attempt to print,” Bishop reports.

Bishop reports, “Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates recently called Windows Vista the ‘best new product of the year.'”

Bishop reports, “A year after its glitzy retail launch, Windows Vista has developed a reputation as a source of frustration for others. The effects of that reputation are apparent in the habits of PC buyers. At the computer store Quidnunc in West Seattle, for example, owner Bill Hibler estimates that 40 percent of people ordering computers through his shop still ask for Windows XP.”

Bishop reports, “Walling, the retired Seattle warehouseman, moved to Windows Vista when he bought a new PC last fall. Despite the problems he has experienced, he’s sticking with the operating system, figuring it would be too much hassle to go back at this point. He still hopes to fix his printer compatibility problems. In the meantime, how does he print out his documents? ‘I don’t,’ he said.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rob” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: The combination of “Stockholm Syndrome” and “cognitive dissonance” produces a victim who firmly believes the relationship is not only acceptable, but also desperately needed for their survival.


  1. @Zune Tang

    You have done it now dude, you have let the cat out of the bag. No self respecting Windows troll would admit that they have to learn how to hack registries or spend so long on PC makers support lines to get things done in Windows as an advantage. I now totally believe you are a Mac user having a laugh and will never ever believe you prefer Vista or the Zune.

    So, own up. Who are you really? I bet you post as two different people on here don’t you?

  2. Microsoft should take yet another play from Apple’s playbook. Instead of releasing Windows XP Service Pack 3, repackage it and add a few cosmetic changes to make it look new and different from XP, and market it as “Windows 7.” Then throw out the bloated Windows source code, decide what to do next, and create a usable successor to both Windows XP and Windows Vista. Hey, it worked for Apple with Mac OS 8.x and 9.x, which could reasonably have been called System 7.7 and 7.8. That marketing move gave Apple time to create Mac OS X.

  3. Why do you fail to see the bright side in Mr. Walling predicament?
    He will save a lot of money not using ink and paper, and he will help save the environment. Obviously, printing stuff is not a requirement. Otherwise, he would not have decided to stay with Vista, or he would have bought a new printer.
    I can see Al Gore recommending Vista now! It’s good for the environment.

  4. Some of the comments to the original article are priceless. Stockholm Syndrome, indeed.

    “Computers are trouble. That’s almost a given, if you venture beyond email, and there’s bound to be trouble regardless of what operating system is used.”

    “I’d actually prefer to use Mac, but I use specific software for my business that only comes on Windows and there is no suitable Mac facsimile.”

    “It’s a question of the subtle reasons why you would choose an operating system: Vista comes with a killer version of Texas Hold ‘Em.”

    “Windows Vista is a complete stillborn TURDE. And no, I am not an Apple user. Just a regular guy who has wasted HOURS of time trying to do routine things since I was unfortunate as to buy a laptop with MS SINKING TURDE aka Windows Vista.”

  5. back when I did Windows support for a living, it was kinda fun to hack the registry and edit startup files, boot into safe mode, uninstall/reinstall drivers etc. It took a lot of training to do that job. I realized I didn’t have to do that if someone wasn’t paying me so I bought my first Mac in 1999. Life has been good since. It really is the Stockholm Syndrome. And as Zunie noted, it is part of the process of being a power user to have to muck around in Window’s innards to make it function, a badge of honor if you will. And the average schmuck thinks that is just how computers are. It was actually confusing at first using a Mac, cuz it didn’t have any of the problems or stupid work arounds to mess with like Windows does with its Uninstallers and driver downloads etc.

  6. @Mark
    Thanks for your reply. I did not do a clean install. I’ve never had to do so with past OS X releases. I do not relish going back to do so, though Time Machine takes some of the bite out of it. The real pain is the non-Apple applications, widgets, etc. Keeping track of them is a major pain. Maybe there is an application to keep track of applications?

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