Apple debuts comprehensive online Mac video tutorials

Apple has debuted “Find out how,” a comprehensive new section featuring video tutorials along with text articles.

The video tutorials currently offered are organized into the following sections:
• Mac OS X
• Photos
• Movies
• Web
• Music
• Documents

Users can also download the videos to iTunes.

Apple’s “Find out how” video tutorials can be found here.


  1. “Welcome. Note: It’s Mac, not MAC. (said in the most nicest way)”

    Yes. MAC is a cosmetics store (we used to get their packages sometimes at the Apple Store where I worked.

    The product is Mac, iPod, or iPhone
    The company is Apple.

    It’s OSX (oh-es-ten) not Oh-es-ex

    This concludes our Mac product nomenclature tutorial.

    And yes, welcome to the fun world!

  2. Agreed, there needs to be an easier way to find these.

    Currently: > Mac tab > scroll to mid page > choose Category > choose from ‘Featured tutorials’ or scroll down, then choose from ‘All tutorials’

    Suggested: > Find Out How tab > choose App > choose tutorial

  3. Awsome. Let’s face it. The ‘instruction’ manuals that come with any new Mac are a bit thin and light on datails. Full of telling you what’s on the computer but not actually telling you how to use it or the apps. Fair enough, a few minutes fiddling it dosn’t take long to figure out a Mac. But to the ‘been using windows for years’ user this will be a great help. They need to get the guys from the Mac ads to do them. Lighten ’em up a bit. The kids will catch on, they are the future market.

  4. This is fantastic! I go over to Yahoo! Answers quite a bit and there’s always some new Mac user there that has questions on how to do things with the Mac. Unfortunately, they always have some Windows Nazi telling them to throw it away and get a Windoze PC. It would be great to just refer them to this site:

    I hope that we’ll see more of these made available in the future. Maybe it will even encourage people into making their own and sending them out. Stuff like syncing your iPhone to your computer and connecting to a Windows company network would be great.

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