Apple debuts comprehensive online Mac video tutorials

Apple has debuted “Find out how,” a comprehensive new section featuring video tutorials along with text articles.

The video tutorials currently offered are organized into the following sections:
• Mac OS X
• Photos
• Movies
• Web
• Music
• Documents

Users can also download the videos to iTunes.

Apple’s “Find out how” video tutorials can be found here.


  1. The video tutorials currently offered are organized into the following sections:
    • Mac OS X
    • Photos
    • Movies
    • Web
    • Music
    • Documents
    • Sell your POS Windows PC on eBay
    • Forget you were ever tortured by Microsoft and Windows

  2. Just sent one of the links off to a buddy who just purchased an $800 HP and is having huge problems getting it to run acceptably. Mostly with memory management and HD access – hasn’t tried the printer … yet.

  3. “Good. Keep refining the video tutorials until you have the makings of sixty-second television commercials!”

    I LOL’d. As soon as I saw the headline I knew someone was going to make some comment associating these with some sort of commercial/infomercial.

    I’ll file this one under W, for Wow that didn’t take long.

  4. That “Download Mac OS X videos to iTunes” link on the Apple web page is pretty slick. It subscribes you to a podcast, so you get them as they come out. Apple is becoming a Service Provider, with sales being just one of the provided services. In addition to these online training videos, the physical Apple Stores are becoming more service oriented, with prominent training focus. That’s a really smart and well-timed move.

  5. Brilliant! I remember similar videos turning up last year for the iLife suite. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Apple has the best user support in the industry. No one else in the software, hardware or electronics field generally has a website even close to this. Get your answers from FAQs, manuals online, tech specs for any previous Apple machine available, support groups for the things not answered by the manuals, educational video tutorials. And then there’s real live geniuses for anything that can’t be solved through your own diligence.

    I’ll say it again: Brilliant!

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