Thomson Squawk Box sees Apple stock turnaround signs; most traders missing Mac story

“With Apple Inc. (AAPL) down about 37% from its all-time highs near $200 in late December, the risk-reward now favors buyers of the name, and Thomson Squawk Box sees early turnaround signs based on three separate stock timing indicators,” Mike Tarsala reports for Thomson Squawk Box.

“The TD Sequential timing indicators are flashing a reversal signal Monday on Apple’s daily stock chart… Trend Intensity is telling us that the stock is merely consolidating… Apple’s stock has now given back half its advance to $200 from its July 2006 lows, marking a major Fibonacci retracement. It’s an area where we would reasonably expect the stock to catch a bid,” Tarsala reports.

“Lost on most traders is that Apple’s story can be driven most heavily by market share gains for its Mac line, which carries higher price points and gross margins. Simply put, Mac can be a much bigger driver than any other product category. And with Mac, Apple posted 44% year-over-year growth in unit shipments, one of its strongest quarters in several years, driven by the company’s new and improved Leopard operating system,” Tarsala reports.

“On its post-earnings call, Apple said it remains positive about its products, as well as its strategy. The company said it remains confident it can hit its iPod goals, and it doesn’t think the market is saturated. The company backed up our conclusion about Mac, by saying that the computer part of the business is ‘on fire,'” Tarsala reports.

“Many iPhones have been sold to crafty individuals who have figured out how to unlock them for use on other carriers’ networks. While that’s a problem for Apple partner AT&T Inc., it’s not a problem for Apple. If anything, it points to opportunities for iPhone once the company signs more carrier agreements outside the U.S.,” Tarsala reports.

“We have yet to see an ironclad Apple turnaround signal. But we are starting to look for one near current levels, and would suspect that support around the $120 level, dating to August lows, provides a likely worst-case scenario for the stock in coming months,” Tarsala reports.

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  1. No no no no no.

    Do not buy Apple stock.

    Apple glossy screens are infected with mutant proton radiation and will turn your eyes purple and make them pop out of your head and run around on the floor. Apple glossy screens make Cambodians spontaneously abort and give Jamaicans the clap. The image of Obama and firebombed, ruined temples is ingrained in every Apple glossy screen.

    Glossy screens are evil.

    Glossy screens are death.

    Oh my sweet Jesus I just realized that the iPhone screen is GLOSSY!!!! Exposure to iPhone glossy screens will make Irishman immune to alcohol and sink the European economy under a pile of rusting unopened guiness cans and rotting aborted Cambodian fetuses.

    All of this will negatively impact Apple stock and if you buy Apple stock you will get cancer.

  2. TD Sequential timing indicators

    Trend Intensity

    a major Fibonacci retracement

    Yea, right – what a bunch of pinhead clap-trap

    Let’s keep it simple, like my ol’ Grand-Pappy used to tell me:

    Grasshopper, there is only ONE way to know the true value of anything.

    What some other fool is willing to pay for it.


  3. This incessant bitching about the glossy screens is really getting annoying. I’d bet my paycheck that most of the whiners are people who don’t even have the money to buy them anyway.

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, but spare us the “Steve Jobs doesn’t know what he’s doing with glossy screens” crap.

  4. Oh please drop just a tiny bit more, or at least hold on for a couple of weeks. I am moving as fast as I can to get some cash together to buy some shares. I’m going to ride this pony, just wait a tiny bit more.


  5. I was watching the stock the other day with the stocks widget (dunno how acurate it is). It was bouncing up and down between 130 and 138, so is 130 the new base level? I know nothing of stocks but am guessing America is not out of the woods yet.

    But for example if you were to buy at 130 then it drops to 90, but you hang in there and 6 months later it’s worth 160, then technically you havn’t lost, right? I guess the difference is if you had bought in at 90 you’d make more.

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