Intel lists 45 most influential technologists (#14 Steve Jobs)

“Intel recently took the time to assemble a panel of experts including academics, journalists and independent third parties to vote on technology’s 45 most influential people at a judging session held in London last week,” reports.

“The winner? Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the 52 year old English-born developer, who invented the World Wide Web in March 1989. Acknowledged by Intel, Sir Berners-Lee has been labelled as ‘the most influential person in technology over the past 150 years for his impact on society and ground-breaking technology,'” reports.

MacDailyNews Note: During a lecture at the Royal Society in London in 2003, Berners-Lee revealed that he invented the World Wide Web using one of Steve Jobs’ NeXT computers (running the forerunner of Mac OS X). By the way, Berners-Lee presented that 2003 lecture using Apple’s Mac OS X and Safari Web browser on an Apple PowerBook. continues, “The two founders of Intel, Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce both featured in the top ten and perhaps surprising to some, Apple’s Steve Jobs and Microsoft’s Bill Gates failed to do so, they both make the list at 14th and 31st, respectively.”

MacDailyNews Note: Steve Wozniak is #42.

The complete list of Intel’s 45 most influential technologists from the past 150 years is here.


  1. The man who is changing the world with gadgets has to be higher than 14. What morons these guys are for failing to recognize the guy with a phone in one hand and a really neat tunes player in the other is not the Master of the Universe.

  2. I’m not sure what their narrow definition of technology is, but they sure as heck left out whole industries of planet changing technology: commercial aviation, automobile assembly, nuclear energy, the harnessing of electricity, and whoever invented indoor plumbing, god bless them.

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